Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh My God-Movie

Just found out about the movie--"Oh My God." It looks incredibly moving. This is what Peter Rodger the director has to say:

"I was frustrated with the childish schoolyard mentality that permeates this world - I call it the "My God Is Greater Than Your God" syndrome - where you have grown men flying airplanes into buildings shouting "God is Great" - where you have the leader of the free world telling the BBC in 2003 that he invaded Iraq because God told him to - where you have the constitution of a country (Iran) that dictates that its supreme leader is God's representative on earth - where you have young men and women blowing themselves up (and innocent others) to buy a place into heaven. None of these concepts made any sense to me. Does it matter what I believe? Does it matter what you believe? And what is this entity that goes by the name of God, that seems to bring about so much friction, hurt and pain? So I decided to go around the world and ask people what they think.

Over a three-year period I traveled across 23 countries asking children, religious leaders, celebrities, fanatics and the common Man what God means to them. Along the way I experienced an incredible array of faith expressions and had no small number of unforgettable adventures. The film is a result of this journey. It is not about religion per se; it is about what God means to people throughout our human family. I needed to explore and discover for myself whether religion and religious people were the cause of all the world’s woes. And, as a person who wrestles with faith, I needed to determine whether God created man or man created God. "

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Aerosmith Breaking Up?.....

Nah...I doubt it! They may be taking a break though. According to an interview with Classic Rock Magazine, this is what heartthrob (in my humble opinion) Steven Tyler, lead singer, had to say: “I don’t know what I’m doing yet, but it’s definitely going to be something Steven Tyler: working on the brand of myself – Brand Tyler.”

I LOVE Aerosmith, and I'm thinking an album done without Steven Tyler wouldn't sound like them at all. He is the voice of Aerosmith! I'm hoping that they take a short hiatus and go back into the studio to record an album with Steven.