Friday, February 20, 2009

A Root Canal Tale

Clearly, I befuddled my dentist and his assistant with my tiny tooth, and curved root.

What was supposed to be an hour and a half root canal took three hours!

I didn't mind too much. I just closed my eyes and listened to Steve Hackett.

However, I couldn't help but notice the dentist's assistant huffing and puffing about the fact she had to stay late on account of finishing my procedure. Very unprofessional!

When they were through, my dentist opted not to do a final x-ray because, he said, "You are very hard to x-ray." I objected, but was too tired, and numb to argue much.

Anyway, I survived and lived to tell the tale!

Ironic, I think, is the fact that my tooth hurts so much more today then it ever did before I got the root canal. Aren't they supposed to relieve the pain, not add to it?

Crossing my fingers that by Sunday I'm feeling better!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well, I'm Excited

I had my root canal today! But that's not why I'm excited. I'll save THAT post for tomorrow.

Today my geekiness (is that even a word?) is at an all time high!

I found out that the movie FanBoys will be playing in a theater near me this weekend!

Star Wars fans have been waiting a long time for this movie; it was supposed to come out in 1998.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And Now....Some Music

Nya Jade--"First Dance Song"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is Just So Funny!

I love "Family Guy"! :D

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wise Words From a Wise Man

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." George Washington

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Banker Gives $60 Million to His Employees

How nice it was to find some happy news in these trying times. The media does not talk about the good stuff most of the time.

Leonard Abess Jr. deserves major kudos. He sold his bank in Miami and gave $60 million of his own money to his current and former employees! No, I'm not kidding. Read the story--it will make you feel good. What an amazingly generous guy!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Great White--"Rising"

I was ecstatic to find out that one of my favorite bands--Great White-- is coming out with a new album in March. It's called "Rising." Today, I listened to samples of some of the tracks! You should too, they are really good!

Since reuniting in January 07’ to perform a benefit concert, Great White has moved forward with the successful release in the summer of the same year of their return album “Back to the Rhythm”, a record which was hailed by critics and fans as a return to the heydays of the band.

After a world tour that celebrated the first 25 years of Great White and that brought them for 14 concerts to Europe, bass player Sean McNabb opted out and was replaced by Scott Snyder (ex Ramos, Accomplice).

The band (which of course includes long-time members by Jack Russell, Michael Lardie, Audie Desbrow and Mark Kendall) went back to the studio and produced the brand new album “Rising”, once again a tribute to the Great White root sound with Rock, Blues and strong melodic elements.

The Southern California blues Hard Rock band first took a bite out of the rock scene in 1984 and since then has achieved worldwide success, encompassing sales of over six million records. They received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance for the song "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" and earned a double platinum certification for the album “…Twice Shy”.

The soulful, blues-based signature sound that turned songs like "Face The Day", "Rock Me" and "Save Your Love" into international hits, can also be found on the new songs which are currently being mixed by the band’s keyboard player Michael Lardie.

The late 80's were boom years for the band, marked by non-stop touring with some of the biggest bands of the era and playing also in Europe and Japan. Great White recorded two more albums for Capitol — “Hooked”, which was certified gold and “Psycho City”.

Although Capitol issued a Best Of compilation in 1993, Great White had already departed the label to begin work on their next studio release, “Sail Away”, released on Zoo Records in 1994 supporting it with relentless touring. Their next release, “Let It Rock” in 1996.

Great White then released on Portrait Records/Sony “Can’t Get There from Here” was released in 1999 and was the last album before the reunion of 2007.

Tracklisting: Situation; All Or Nothin'; I Dont Mind; Shine; Loveless; Is It Enough; Last Chance; Danger Zone; Down On The Level; Only You Can Do; My Sanctuary; Let's Spend the Night Together (bonus track).

Taken from Frontiers Records.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

About You!

I LOVE my readers, so naturally I want to find out more about all of you! Here are some fun questions!

Feel free to leave your answers in the comments, or post them yourself.

Make sure you come back and let me know if you do them at your place.

1. How was your day?

2. Do you prefer sweet or salty foods?

3. Do you like to go out or stay in?

4. What's your favorite type of music?

5. What's your favorite color?

6. Have you ever taken a ride in a hot air balloon? Would you like to?

Thanks, and have fun!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

WW can be found here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Fear a Big Brother Society

I normally don't do this here, but today I read this article.

It really upset me. I won't say much, the article does a good job.

All I can say, is-- when are we going to wake up? The politicking in America has gone too far. I feel that most, if not all, of the politicians in Washington do not have our best interests at heart. It's all about power, and staying elected. They are supposed to speak for us. Is this really what we want? I hope not!

(NaturalNews) The new $800 billion economic stimulus bill contains some striking new "Big Brother" health care language that should give pause to all freedom-loving Americans. For starters, the bill requires the electronic tracking of the medical records of all Americans. All your private medical data will be stored in a government database, including your history of disease, pharmaceutical treatments, surgeries and even emergency room visits.

How would you like the government knowing all the details about your drug rehab? Or alcoholism treatments? Abortion? Sexually-transmitted disease diagnosis? Pregnancy status? Blood test results?

But it gets even more interesting than that: Under the new provisions found in the bill, all U.S. doctors will now be stripped of autonomy and forced to follow the medical treatment guidelines dictated by the government.

This news should rock the medical world (once they truly understand it). It means doctors can no longer make their own decisions about patients' needs or treatment protocols. From now on, all health care decisions will be centrally planned by a dictatorial, Big Brother health care authority in the federal government.

How to turn doctors into sheeple
As reports Tom Daschle was one of the architects of this plan, and he says that doctors "have to learn to operate less like solo practitioners."

Any doctor that deviates from that plan would be penalized by the government. That means, for example, that a local doctor who knows the patient and his family, and who is aware of specific local circumstances affecting that patient will no longer be able to apply any of that knowledge in treating the patient. All treatments will be dictated from the government, obliterating the whole point of allowing doctors to operate with some degree of autonomy in the first place.

Effectively, this bill transforms the entire U.S. medical profession into nothing more than pill-pushing puppets. It wipes out the intelligence of a local doctor and replaces it with the stupidity of Big Government.

If the government says all expectant mothers must be screened for depression and put on antidepressant drugs, then all the doctors have to play along and do that if they don't want to be fined or have their medical licenses taken away. If the government says nutritional supplements are dangerous and cannot be recommended to patients, then all doctors must remain silent and avoid telling patients the truth about helpful nutritional supplements. Whatever the government dictates must now be mirrored by all practicing doctors.

And don't forget: The U.S. government is largely controlled by the pharmaceutical companies, and that means these health care dictates are almost certain to emphasize pharmaceutical treatments, disease "screening" and disease mongering provisions designed to sell more drugs. You can count on there being increased requirements for vaccinations (HPV vaccines, too) and mental health screenings (psychiatric drugs, anyone?).

Communism is alive and well in America's health care system
Americans asked for health care, but what they got was Health Communism. There is absolutely no reason to believe that a centrally-controlled government body has any ability to make good health care decisions for individual patients across America. There is also no reason to believe the U.S. government will safeguard patient medical data or even respect the privacy of patients. This is the same government, after all, that has been caught routinely spying on its own citizens by tapping phone lines, emails, faxes and internet traffic.

If anything, the U.S. government has proven itself over the past few years to be the enemy of the American people on the issue of health care. Just look at the actions of the FDA in censoring nutritional supplement health claims This government is clearly dead set against health care in America, and the more we put government in charge of making health care decisions, the worse the outcome is going to be.

Obama cried "catastrophe" in urging lawmakers to pass this economic stimulus bill. It's funny how fear is now being used to pass every trillion-dollar spending scandal in Washington these days. That's one thing the government learned very well from 9/11 - fear sells. And it sold Congress on this stimulus bill, too.

But in terms of health care, the only thing this bill is going to stimulate is more disease, more dead Americans and more profits for Big Pharma. There's nothing in the bill about ending FDA censorship, or teaching the public about nutrition, or banning pharmaceutical advertising on television. All this bill has accomplished is to spend Americans ever more quickly into financial destitution and medical desperation. It is one of the final nails in the coffin of American prosperity.

From now on, America will largely be defined by disease and debt, and the Obama administration apparently has no answer to either one.

Watch out, folks. The government is here to save us.

If you're looking for REAL solutions, stay tuned to We are only a few days away from launching our new health freedom petition which demands real health care reform and an end to the dark era of Big Pharma domination over health care.

That petition will be announced right here on NaturalNews.

Taken from here

Monday, February 9, 2009


This past weekend I saw Coraline. It's based on the book by Neil Gaiman, who among other things wrote "Stardust." Coraline is beautifully done, and the 3-D technology used, in making the film, really drew me into the story. I loved this movie!

It is a story for children, but there are some rather dark parts. The premise is kind of freaky. I wouldn't recommend the movie to children under 8 or 9. But that's just my opinion.

Tell me, what movies have you seen recently?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Merriam-Webster 's Word of the Year, 2008

This always interests me--every year Merriam-Webster has a vote for their word of the year.

Here are the results from 2008.

1. bailout (noun)
a rescue from financial distress

And the runner ups
  1. vet
  2. socialism
  3. maverick
  4. bipartisan
  5. trepidation
  6. precipice
  7. rogue
  8. misogyny
  9. turmoil

If you like this post, read the one here, too!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Switch To Google FeedBurner

Just a heads up! I switched my feed from the original FeedBurner to Google FeedBurner, so if any of you are having issues viewing my feed, let me know. Oh, and if you haven't subscribed yet you can do so here. (Hint, Hint!)

And on a side note:
I'm really not to happy about having to switch my feed, but Google is transferring all of them this month. Some of the features they've taken out, I'm really going to miss. Also, I have a slight fear that Google may be attempting to take over the world. It seems that everything links to them in some way.

And, is it just me or does this sound spooky to you? You will no longer be able to sign in to, but that's okay: from now on, there is no reason to do so.

It's part of an email, that they sent me after I made the switch. I don't know, maybe it's just me...

Friday, February 6, 2009


Gary did one too! This I thing! Go check him out now!! Well first read this, then visit him, and then play along!

I live: in Kennesaw Georgia—suburb of Atlanta

I work: at a university pushing papers, or, really , transcripts around.

I smell: nice—like vanilla.

I listen: to music (and some talk/internet radio, or audio books,) ALL day long!

I hide: nothing very well!

I walk: a lot, or at least try to; walking really clears my head.

I write: this blog, some poetry, and other random stuff.

I sing: in the shower. Don’t most people?

I can: waste time like nobody’s business!

I watch: all kinds of movies, and a few select TV shows. The list seems to be getting longer, though.

I daydream: probably a little too much!

I want: a brownie.

I cry: at the drop of a hat.

I read: a lot! I’m in the middle of 5 or 6 books right now.

I love: dogs!

I rode: a bus to work today and I’ll ride one home too.

I sometimes: wonder what’s like to be a guy.

I fear: becoming stagnant, not living, and wasting my life.

I hope: that the economy turns around soon, and people stop losing their jobs.

I eat: pretty much anything. I’m not picky. Chocolate things have priority.

I play: video games.

I miss: being a kid.

I forgive: easily.

I drive: almost never, but that’s going to change real soon!

I lost: my dog, and then found him three weeks later. He had been hurt pretty badly, and needed an operation. He died peacefully, in his sleep, on the operating table.

I dream: vividly, every night. I remember most of them, and I am aware while I’m having one, that’s a dream. Lately I’ve been trying to control what I say and do in them. I haven’t had a lot of luck so far, but I’ve always been able to wake myself up in the middle of one.

I kiss: with my lips.

I hug: openly.

I have: 2 sisters.

I remember: my dreams. I used to have a really good memory for other stuff, but lately little things are slipping my mind.

I don't: floss enough.

I believe: thoughts become things.

I owe: lots of money for student loans.

I know: that I rock!

I hate: insincere people.

I wish: that I could see my family more often.

I wear: jeans, and a t-shirt 24/7. That is when I’m not at work, or on Fridays. :P I’ve been sneaking in a Thursday here and there too! I much prefer causal.

My ex: will stay that way.

People would say that I'm: compassionate, and bubbly.

I don't understand: the way the world works sometimes.

Life is full of: funfunfunfunFUN! (Keeping Gary’s here)

My past is: always important because it shapes who I’ve become and who I will be.

I get annoyed when: I’m not patient.

Parties are: tons of fun!

Tomorrow: is Saturday—time to relax!

Never in my life have I: rode in a hot air balloon, but I would love too!

When I was younger, I: had the worst hair do’s.

When I was 5: I was cute!

My life is not complete without: music.

If you visit my hometown: email me!!!!!!! Then buy me a wee little beer, or a glass of wine. (I amended Gary’s answer a bit.)

The world could do without: judgment

If I ever go back to school: I might get a MS in counseling.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today I'm Liking This

~ Our destiny changes with our thought; we shall become what we wish to become, do what we wish to do, when our habitual thought corresponds with our desire. ~

Orison Swett Marden

Pic Via

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Christian Bale Freaks!

I'm sure you've all heard about this by now, but I just had to bring it up here.

Apparently, Christian Bale freaked out on the set of Terminator: Salvation. He can be heard here (beware there is a lot of profanity) belittling the Director of Photography.

All I have to say is that Bale is a complete jerk! He obviously has a LOT of anger issues.

In my life, I don't think I've ever heard anyone that pissed off. Can you imagine if your coworkers treated you like that. I'm thinking they would be fired!

He does not deserve to be Batman!

Image Via

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

About the Dentist

The week before last, I had to make an emergency trip to the dentist. Let me just start by saying that before that appointment I hadn't been to the dentist in a VERY long time! :) (So long, in fact, I won't mention it here.) Anyway, I had a toothache that would not go away, so I reluctantly went, and was pleasantly surprised. My dentist was very nice, his chair was comfy, and the exam area had a huge window overlooking a lovely pond. I came out much more relaxed than when I went in. What else can you ask for, right?

The verdict was that I need a root canal! (Yikes!) Other than that, I'm cavity free.

So, I would love to know, how do YOU feel about going to the dentist?

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Apostrophes Dropped From Street Signs...

Tell me what you think of this! I agree with the grammarians on this one. But, hey, I use apostrophes when I text.

LONDON — On the streets of Birmingham, the queen's English is now the queens English.

England's second-largest city has decided to drop apostrophes from all its street signs, saying they're confusing and old-fashioned.

But some purists are downright possessive about the punctuation mark.

It seems that Birmingham officials have been taking a hammer to grammar for years, quietly dropping apostrophes from street signs since the 1950s. Through the decades, residents have frequently launched spirited campaigns to restore the missing punctuation to signs denoting such places as "St. Pauls Square" or "Acocks Green."

This week, the council made it official, saying it was banning the punctuation mark from signs in a bid to end the dispute once and for all.

Councilor Martin Mullaney, who heads the city's transport scrutiny committee, said he decided to act after yet another interminable debate into whether "Kings Heath," a Birmingham suburb, should be rewritten with an apostrophe.

"I had to make a final decision on this," he said Friday. "We keep debating apostrophes in meetings and we have other things to do."

Mullaney hopes to stop public campaigns to restore the apostrophe that would tell passers-by that "Kings Heath" was once owned by the monarchy.

"Apostrophes denote possessions that are no longer accurate, and are not needed," he said. "More importantly, they confuse people. If I want to go to a restaurant, I don't want to have an A-level (high school diploma) in English to find it."

But grammarians say apostrophes enrich the English language.

"They are such sweet-looking things that play a crucial role in the English language," said Marie Clair of the Plain English Society, which campaigns for the use of simple English. "It's always worth taking the effort to understand them, instead of ignoring them."

Mullaney claimed apostrophes confuse GPS units, including those used by emergency services. But Jenny Hodge, a spokeswoman for satellite navigation equipment manufacturer TomTom, said most users of their systems navigate through Britain's sometime confusing streets by entering a postal code rather than a street address.

She said that if someone preferred to use a street name -- with or without an apostrophe -- punctuation wouldn't be an issue. By the time the first few letters of the street were entered, a list of matching choices would pop up and the user would choose the destination.

A test by The Associated Press backed this up. In a search for London street St. Mary's Road, the name popped up before the apostrophe had to be entered.

There is no national body responsible for regulating place names in Britain. Its main mapping agency, Ordnance Survey, which provides data for emergency services, takes its information from local governments and each one is free to decide how it uses punctuation.

"If councils decide to add or drop an apostrophe to a place name, we just update our data," said Ordnance Survey spokesman Paul Beauchamp. "We've never heard of any confusion arising from their existence."

To sticklers, a missing or misplaced apostrophe can be a major offense.

British grammarians have railed for decades against storekeepers' signs advertising the sale of "apple's and pear's," or pubs offering "chip's and pea's."

In her best-selling book "Eats, Shoots and Leaves," Lynne Truss recorded her fury at the title of the Hugh Grant-Sandra Bullock comedy "Two Weeks Notice," insisting it should be "Two Weeks' Notice."

"Those spineless types who talk about abolishing the apostrophe are missing the point, and the pun is very much intended," she wrote.

Taken from the Associated Press.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yay February!

I'm participating in NaBloPoMo this month! Thought it would help me get back my blogging Mojo. Check back everyday for a new post!