Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Fun!

I've discovered that a Netflix account plus an Xbox equals good times!

Netflix has a feature that allows account holders to watch instant titles through their Xbox right on their TV. If you enjoy watching movies, let me tell you, this is so much fun.

And, I'm thinking that's probably why I put all other obligations aside this weekend, and spent the majority of my time viewing artsy French cinema.

One movie I particularly enjoyed was Paris Je T'aime. A bunch of short stories about love, all which were set in Paris. All very unique, and extremely interesting.

You can watch the trailer below!

So, what was your weekend like? Tell me, I would love to know. :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Diversity Ink

Diversity Ink is a new blog that I'm going to be one of the contributers to.

It will deal with important race matters through many different angles. I would be delighted if you would check us out, and add Diversity Ink to your blogrolls!

Friday, January 16, 2009

And Now.... a Musical Interlude

To continue the theme from my last post: I'm very thankful for my awesome iPod, and all the pleasure it brings me!

Today, blasting in my ears, is Dio. Check out Holy Diver. The song rocks, and the video will make you laugh.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let's Change Our Moods!

I've been feeling kind of gloomy the past couple of weeks. Maybe it's the weather; who knows?

I thought some of you may be in the same boat, and, even if not, this will help you too!

Thinking positivity, and expressing gratitude is a nice way to get happy.

Also, it's great to hear what others are thankful for and excited about!!

So, for better moods all around, I would like YOU to list something (or multiple somethings)--in the comments, that you are thankful for, or happy about.

Preferably, things that have happened this year; let's make this really recent!

Dig deep too, it's often the small stuff that we forget to acknowledge and be thankful for.

And don't be embarrassed; nothing is insignificant.

Remember to, after you leave a comment, read what others have written about!

Lastly, I would like to encourage my readers, that normally don't comment, to join in on this one.

Alright, let's help each other, and have fun with this!

Ok, I'll go first!

I'm extremely thrilled that one of my mini sunflowers has finally started to bloom! (check out the picture above.) I honestly thought it was a lost cause. They were on the verge of dying, so I brought them home from the office, and within a week a flower had started to bloom! Yay!

Also making me happy, is the fact that I've recently come into a small bit of money; This money I'm able to save to put towards buying a car. It's funny, I've been wanting a car for a while, and it's only when I stopped worrying about the "hows" surrounding it everything seemed to come into place!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Insight From The Daily OM

Hmm, it always comes when I need it.

January 8, 2009

A Separate Reality
Disconnecting from the Source

We all experience periods where we feel separated from the loving ebb and flow of the universe. These times of feeling disconnected from the source may occur for many reasons, but self-sabotage is the most common cause for us choosing to cut ourselves off from the flow of the universe. We purposefully, though often unconsciously, cut ourselves off from this flow and from the embrace of humanity so we can avoid dealing with painful issues, shun the necessary steps for growth, or prevent the success that we are afraid of achieving from ever happening. When you choose to disconnect from the source, you block the flow of the universe’s energy from passing through you. You become like a sleepwalker who is not fully awake to life, and your hopes, plans, and dreams begin to appear as distant blurs on a faraway horizon. Universal support has never left you, but if you can remember that you became disconnected from source by choice, you can choose to reconnect.

Reconnecting with the universe grounds you and is as easy as you making a concerted effort to become interested in the activities you love or responding to what nurtures or stimulates you. You may also want to make a list of the activities and kinds of experiences that touch your soul. Try to pinpoint the times when you have felt fully engaged and aware and ask yourself what you were doing. But one of the easiest ways to reconnect is simply by stating the intention of doing so.

When you disconnect from the universe, your sense of purpose, creativity, and ability to be innovative are not as easy to access. You may also experience a deep and empty sense of longing or feel devoid of ideas or unworthy of love. It’s important, however, to recognize that being disconnected from the universe is never a permanent state, and it can be reversed any time you decide that you are ready to reconnect. When you are connected to the universe, all aspects of your being will feel alive as the flow of the universe pours through your being and into your life.

Taken from The Daily OM.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I thought that the process of washing one's hands was self-explanatory; maybe I was wrong! :D

See more WW pictures here.