Wednesday, April 16, 2008

There's a First Time for Everything

Today I met a man with a passion for Polka music! :) I had forgotten Polka music existed. But apparently there is a whole subculture that digs it. I think that's cool. lol


Dawn Drover said...

That is kinda cool. Nobody thinks about polka music!

Malcolm said...

When I worked as a DJ at an AM station a few years ago, we had Polka programming (one show aired on Sat. morning and the other one aired early Sun. afternoon). The one on Sunday had rotating hosts. There was one time where the guy who was supposed to be on that day called and said he would be late because he locked himself out of his house. Since "the show must go on", I did the first 15 minutes of the show until he arrived. Luckily, we had some Polka CDs at the station. Because many of the popular artists have Czech and Polish names which are hard to pronounce, I made sure that I grabbed CDs by artists like Jimmy Sturr and Frankie Yankovic.

Anonymous Mom said...

Reminds me of a couple of years ago I went to the mountains (Big Bear) by myself for some peace, quiet and "thoughtful reflection". When I got there my cabin was next to a big outside polka festival and I got to hear and watch polka/music all weekend. It was...different :)

Jessica said...

No nobody does, and it was so random that he told me about it too. Happenstance, or I may have never thought about polka ever. lol

hehe, cool story! Yankovic, any relation to Wierd AL? hmm

ooh, a whole weekend of Polka. I don't know if that is very good music for thoughtful reflection. lol

Chris O. said...

I have never met anyone who actually really likes polka music. I actually have always envisioned Pokla-lovers very specifically. I always considered it as some strange, antiquated genre – like it’s reserved as a specialty for the rural peoples living in the mountains of West Germany or something. And even then, the only people who listen to and enjoy it are like 80+. They are an extremely specific folk, probably pig farmers and sheppards when they were still young enough to work. They all dress like crowd-actors from the Sound of Music, and spend their days throwing old- people-Polka parties on mountainsides. With accordions. Oh well, I’m not sure if that makes any sense or not, but I think it is extremely rare to find a Polka-lover. It’s like a finding a five-leaf clover. They make the 4-leafs seem passé.

Anonymous Mom said...

Jessica, it was a bit annoying but I did get a kick of seeing all the older folks having fun :)