Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Alain Robert is sometimes called...

the Human Spider. His latest endeavor was scaling a 45 story hotel in Hong Kong. What he does is illegal in most places; he climbs skyscrapers and other such things without ropes, netting, or protective gear. From looking at his website, I've come to the conclusion that his choice of no safety precaution stems from the fact that in the past he had suffered two bad accidents both at the hand of faulty ropes. So, he probably just said screw it; I've already had two horrible accidents I might as well go for it. Who knows?
I think what he does is pretty interesting. What do you think? In your opinion is the "Human Spider" foolish or brave?


caron said...


Malcolm said...

He's foolish with a capital F-O-O-L!

Jessica said...

I think so too, but part of me still thinks it's cool. Can't help it. lol

lol. I think he may have a few screws loose, but I sort of see the rational about the ropes not protecting him.