Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I miss it. Having this outlet to write was so nice. I just may take it up again. Now, though, unfortunately social networking is taking over. Not many people are blogging. It's sad to me because blogging, in many cases, promotes real conversations about real issues. Friends and connections are made, and not at a superficial level. Oh well, I suppose there are a few of you still out there! :)


Unknown said...

I am still reading blogs and social networking. I like when you post a new article. I am more the reader than the writer. Though we are silent we are here.

Anonymous Mom said...

I know what you mean. I closed down my main blog and only right on the one about my son now. Its not really like blogging, its more like a support group.

I can't believe Ollie is 3 months old today! He's precious.

Ferd said...

Yup. Still out here.

Agree. Social media is great, but tends to be superficial.

Blogging is where writers write, and where people express thoughts and feelings that carry some weight, and meet up with like minded individuals. I'm glad you're still around! I'm guessing it will turn a little Mommy Blog, and that's perfectly okay! :-)

Jessica said...

Thanks Everyone! :) You know, Barb....I hope you start writing again!