Thursday, May 5, 2011

3 Months Old!

Today, Ollie is three months old! I can't believe it! These last few months have gone so fast, but in most ways it feels like he's been here forever. A lot of good life changes going on! :) I saw/ heard his first "real" laugh yesterday...It might have been the most amazing thing I have ever heard. He must think I'm nuts.... I started to cry...and for the rest of the day I went to ALL lengths to make him laugh again. I can already tell I'm going to annoy this boy!


hopefaithbelieve said...

Ha!! I love that. It's nice to go back and time and re-live the early days through your experiences. Enjoy!!

Jessica said...

Thanks girl! I miss you! We need to catch up soon! :)

Ferd said...

He really is a beautiful baby boy!