Friday, February 6, 2009


Gary did one too! This I thing! Go check him out now!! Well first read this, then visit him, and then play along!

I live: in Kennesaw Georgia—suburb of Atlanta

I work: at a university pushing papers, or, really , transcripts around.

I smell: nice—like vanilla.

I listen: to music (and some talk/internet radio, or audio books,) ALL day long!

I hide: nothing very well!

I walk: a lot, or at least try to; walking really clears my head.

I write: this blog, some poetry, and other random stuff.

I sing: in the shower. Don’t most people?

I can: waste time like nobody’s business!

I watch: all kinds of movies, and a few select TV shows. The list seems to be getting longer, though.

I daydream: probably a little too much!

I want: a brownie.

I cry: at the drop of a hat.

I read: a lot! I’m in the middle of 5 or 6 books right now.

I love: dogs!

I rode: a bus to work today and I’ll ride one home too.

I sometimes: wonder what’s like to be a guy.

I fear: becoming stagnant, not living, and wasting my life.

I hope: that the economy turns around soon, and people stop losing their jobs.

I eat: pretty much anything. I’m not picky. Chocolate things have priority.

I play: video games.

I miss: being a kid.

I forgive: easily.

I drive: almost never, but that’s going to change real soon!

I lost: my dog, and then found him three weeks later. He had been hurt pretty badly, and needed an operation. He died peacefully, in his sleep, on the operating table.

I dream: vividly, every night. I remember most of them, and I am aware while I’m having one, that’s a dream. Lately I’ve been trying to control what I say and do in them. I haven’t had a lot of luck so far, but I’ve always been able to wake myself up in the middle of one.

I kiss: with my lips.

I hug: openly.

I have: 2 sisters.

I remember: my dreams. I used to have a really good memory for other stuff, but lately little things are slipping my mind.

I don't: floss enough.

I believe: thoughts become things.

I owe: lots of money for student loans.

I know: that I rock!

I hate: insincere people.

I wish: that I could see my family more often.

I wear: jeans, and a t-shirt 24/7. That is when I’m not at work, or on Fridays. :P I’ve been sneaking in a Thursday here and there too! I much prefer causal.

My ex: will stay that way.

People would say that I'm: compassionate, and bubbly.

I don't understand: the way the world works sometimes.

Life is full of: funfunfunfunFUN! (Keeping Gary’s here)

My past is: always important because it shapes who I’ve become and who I will be.

I get annoyed when: I’m not patient.

Parties are: tons of fun!

Tomorrow: is Saturday—time to relax!

Never in my life have I: rode in a hot air balloon, but I would love too!

When I was younger, I: had the worst hair do’s.

When I was 5: I was cute!

My life is not complete without: music.

If you visit my hometown: email me!!!!!!! Then buy me a wee little beer, or a glass of wine. (I amended Gary’s answer a bit.)

The world could do without: judgment

If I ever go back to school: I might get a MS in counseling.


Hemanth Potluri said...

I think this was beautifully done..:)...


Arv said...

wow... kewl answers... a lil more of Jess :)

take care mate... cheers..

Gary's third pottery blog said...

That was pretty sad about your dog though!!!

A New Yorker said...

I might or might not do this too, but it was fun reading.

Anonymous said...

Hey!! Thanks for the drive by. Love your pics...Jay's a good egg eh?

Jessica said...

Thanks Hemu! :)

Hi Arv,
Thanks to you! :)

I know, but that's the first thing I thought of. :/

I think you SHOULD do it! :D
It'll be fun!

Hey Hope,
Welcome, thanks, and yes he is! :)
Stop by anytime!

Reflections Magazine editor said...

Impressive list Jessica! I discovered a place in North Carolina where I can ride a hot air balloon over the mountains. I have not tried it yet, but I have considered it. I think I would feel more comfortable in a hot air balloon than in a helicopter, so maybe I will give it a try in the summer. Oh and I too rather befriend an honest but straightforward person who is a little rough around the edges before I befriend a dishonest but polished person.

Hope you are well. take care.

Jessica said...

Hi Fearless,
Nice to see you! Hope all is well with you too. :)

ooh, I would love to the hot air balloon ride over the mountains. I bet it's gorgeous--I'll have to look in to that!

Malcolm said...

This was very fascinating. I had no idea that you had two sisters or that you played video games. By the way, do you have a favorite T-shirt?

Jessica said...

I do, I do! :) You should do one too, it would be interesting!

Fave T--Hmm, I guess it's a tie between Aerosmith and David Bowie!

Roshan said...

Cool Jessica. It's so U (not I) lol. I just completed mine, so take a look.

Jessica said...

I just took a look at yours! :)