Friday, January 16, 2009

And Now.... a Musical Interlude

To continue the theme from my last post: I'm very thankful for my awesome iPod, and all the pleasure it brings me!

Today, blasting in my ears, is Dio. Check out Holy Diver. The song rocks, and the video will make you laugh.


Unknown said...

I agree with you...I am very thankful for my Ipod. I was just talking about that with someone the other day, he was thinking of buying an Ipod and was asking if I thought it was worth it. Of all the countless gadgets I've bought over the years I would rate my Ipod as one of my best. I get more use out of it than almost any other. And yes, the video was funny and you just know they were probably so serious in making it, which adds a little more humor to it.

Arv said...

now that was a diff tune... :)

have a lovely weekend mate... cheers...

Gary's third pottery blog said...

hey, that was pretty great! Thanks J!

Jessica said...

I agree with you about the iPod. It is really the only "thing" that I would be truly upset about if I lost.

And, it DOES make the video so funny because they were serious about it. :D

haha! :)

np, Gary! :)Hope you and the missus are staying warm!

LoraLoo said...

I totally cracked up when I scrolled down to the bottom of your current posts and found Ronnie James Dio staring at me. I love this song!! Did you see that movie "Tenacious D"? He made a cameo there and I about fell out of my chair. Time has not been so good to him, but appearing as himself in that movie... priceless.

Jessica said...

Hi LoraLoo,
Thanks for stopping by! :)
haha Dio rocks! He's not the most attractive guy, but man he can sing! I have seen Tenacious D! I know, I thought it was awesome that they were able to get Dio to do that. And Meat Loaf too.