Tuesday, November 25, 2008


today, inside my office it's about a billion degrees below zero. Well ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but it's really damn cold. To make matters worse, my boss has a thing against space heaters! I'm thinking that in order to get through the winter, without freezing, I may have to bend the rules a bit.

How about you? Is it cold where you are--working, or otherwise?

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Arv said...

In Europe, if the optimal temperature in a work zone falls below the required norms, you need not remain in the workplace...

dont you have such rule??

just keep a warmer... and a noisy one... LOL...

Lipstick Jungle said...

Winter: In the morning I have to open my window to cool off, and in the afternoon I have to turn on the space heater.

Summer: In the morning I have to turn on the fan, in the afternoon I have to open my window.

Our thermostat is controlled out of Kansas City as we are in a building that houses all of the phone equipment for the town. The temps are very strictly regulated in the portion of the building that the equip is in, but not so much where my office is...

Jennifer said...

I'm one of those weirdos that likes the cold so I keep my house like a refrigerator--much to my husband's dismay!!

Hemanth Potluri said...

my work place is hot ....:P...i really have no idea how i am over comin the heat and working...but the view from my place u could see the beach and its soo lovely :)..


The Solitary Writer said...

well the other night ,my sister called me from italy and conditions in Milan are worsier lol....the other night the temperature dipped below 0 deg i guess...

and yeah ,in India.....its hot as usual .....damn hot......schorching hot....although winter has begun ...its still hot out here......and last yr in december the temperature here was recorded to be 8 deg cel which was a record low in our city ......how abt u and yup that space heater sounds kool


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A New Yorker said...

Don't get caught. And no it's usually not very cold where I work. :)

Anonymous said...

I always find it a blessing living in a tropical country. When the temperature in the rest of the world gets too cold, we can still go to the beach and enjoy the water ;)

Anonymous said...

Yea I spent 6 hours outside yesturday for work

It was ok .... but I like the cold!

hopefaithbelieve said...

All the more reason you need to come my way. Yesterday was sunny and 80 degrees. Today, it's a little chilly...might only get up to the mid 70's ;)

Lena said...

AC is working in a weird way in my offce, it seems i am the only person who feels it is cold there... but i totally freeze there :(

Jessica said...

Nope,no rules like that...but I wish we did. :D

Aw, sounds like you have a system down. Silly, how they can't regulate it where you are. :)

I think couples are like that--it's so hard to agree on a temperature. lol :)

That does sound lovely--I would totally put up with the heat if I could see the beach from my window.:)

Thanks Solitary! :) Come back often--I will check you out as well. And send me some of your heat! :D


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! And that's awesome--you are lucky. :D

Man, I hope you were bundled up. Good thing you like the cold. :)

I am SO there! Please bask in the sun for me! :)

haha-the story of my life! :)

Malcolm said...

It's not terribly cold where I'm at now. However, it's only late November so I'm sure it's coming.

The temperature fluctuations in my office building are strange. In some parts of the building, it'll be cold. In other parts, it's cold. Usually, the area where I work is fairly moderate.

Jessica said...

Hi Malcolm,
I would say that you're lucky for now. :) Moderate is good.