Monday, November 24, 2008

Musical Monday

Chinese Democracy -- Guns N' Roses

This is the title track off the new Guns N' Roses album. Give it a chance, although it's certainly a different sound from the original band, it's pretty good!

Now-- tell me what you think, and also what you've been listening to lately! :)


Hemanth Potluri said...

beautiful song...:)...wer do u people get soo nice musicals songs...i have been listening to all songs ...mostly i listen to music and lyrics movie song :)..


Arv said...

thats a different GNR there aint it??? AXL experimenting big time :)

need to listen to it a few times...

cheers mate...

Anonymous Mom said...

I think I like it....I have to hear it a few more times. I want to know what's up with Axl's new hairdo.

I've been listening to all my old standards lately, kind of comforting...U2 mostly

Paticus said...

Interesting...Thanks for sharing it. As for me, i have been listening to a lot of Warren Zevon lately, and I'm always listening to the good old Grateful Dead.

Jessica said...

Haha Hemu--I like that song! :)

Very experimental, yes. LOL He's got guts! Keep listening! :)

I was wondering that myself! :D

ooh, I love Warren Zevon! :)

Roshan said...

I like this song and have listened to it a few times. As for the rest of the album, I haven't had a chance to listen to it for the second time. But I will soon and write a review of it in my blog.

Jessica said...

Cool-Can't wait to read it! :)