Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekend Retreat

I won't be around this weekend. I'm going on a little self-retreat. Just me, and my thoughts.

I'll be staying in a little cabin, in the woods, with a bed, desk, and a composting toilet. (Whatever that is--lol)

Many things have prompted this little getaway, the prominent one being my upcoming birthday. I need a chance, free from distractions, to read, write, evaluate and make goals for myself. Exciting stuff, I know! LOL

I'll be back to it Monday...Happy Weekend! :D


Sherry said...

I know some would find this boring, but it sounds like heaven to me...

Savor the moments, Jessica, learn a lot, and listen to the quiet!

Arv said...


Enjoy your weekend retreat mate... take care... cheers...

Hemanth Potluri said...


have gr8 weekend in the cabin and hope u come out of all the thoughs..i think its part of meditation..:) ..


Anonymous Mom said...

I agree with Sherry, in fact I did the same thing two years ago on my birthday! I went to Big Bear mountain by myself and rented a "cabin" (it was more like a large closet but it was perfect).

Hope you have a special time.

A New Yorker said...

Hope the toilet didn't distract you from your meditation. :-)

Anonymous said...

Niiice! A retreat in the woods sounds lovely.

Ferd said...

I have done this only once for myself, and found it to be a wonderful experience. I don't know why I haven't done it since. Good for you! I hope you found peaceful meditation, moments of clarity, inspired writing, and a sense of direction. Whew!

Fortune Cookies said...

nice! sounds like a perfect weekend to me! I just saw a show on composting toilets on the green channel...what a coincidence! That's pretty cool. Hope you find all that you're looking for out there :)

Gina said...

Hope you had a relaxing, rejuvenating, meditative,and fruitful (goal-wise) =) weekend!

Happy Birthday Jessica!

gary rith said...

goals, what a good idea....hope you have a coffee pot too!

Malcolm said...

I hope that your getaway was a productive one.

Jessica said...

It was heaven! :) So good to hear from you...I hope you are doing well.

Thanks much...I truly enjoyed! :)

My thoughts left me, but then expanded in to something bigger, and deeper. It was peaceful. :)

Thanks Barb! It's cool that you did that too! I loved it--I'm going to make a habit of it. :)

It didn't! :) I was very thankful for that.

It was very lovely! :)

Thank you, and check to all of those! lol

Thanks. :) Composting toilets are interesting to say the least.

Good to see you...thanks! :)

lol Coffee was not needed, which actually surprised me. I was awake the whole time--In fact, even when I was sleeping I was paying attention. :)

Thank you! I felt like I accomplished a lot. :)