Friday, August 1, 2008

Random August Post

Well, it’s August, and I’m determined to make it an amazing month despite the way I’ve been feeling for the past week. (Just kind of sluggish, and blue.)

I’ve been trying to break my mood…with diligent bouts of exercise, but it's not doing its usual trick. Despite that, I will continue with it because without the activity…I know how bad I would feel, and I don’t want to go down that road.

Maybe the weather is playing its part…it has been kind of crazy here. (Hot, muggy, and on and off rain.) In fact, on Tuesday…I got caught in a huge storm while I was waiting for the bus. It was actually pretty cool…minus the fact that we were all congregating under a tree…which I’ve heard can be a bad thing when lighting is involved. :)

I’m thinking of entering this poetry contest…kind of spur of the moment. The deadline is tonight at 11:59 PM, and I’m still considering it. I’ve been lacking in the creative inspiration department, for the past month or so…maybe submitting my work, will motivate me to sit still, and write more. Who knows? I don’t care about winning at all…I’m still skeptical that what I write is actual poetry to begin with, I just think it’s cool that I actually have work that I’m contemplating entering to begin with. If that makes any sense.

I know I’ve been rambling, and this post seems a bit scatterbrained. That’s just the type of mood I’m in, and I’m pretty much ok with that. :)


Anonymous Mom said...

We're ok with that too. If I only wrote when I could make complete sense I'd never write.

I hope your blueness lifts!

Sherry said...

I would definitely enter the poetry contest, Jessica, & your poetry IS "actual poetry". You have less than 2 l/2 hours!

I live in your state & the heat/humidity is terrible this year. I find myself waiting for those evening thunder showers but it doesn't cool things off much.

Hope your spirits will lift a little, and August turns out to be a great month for you..

Arv said...

Hey, its not a bad ramble mate... written well to tell your mood...

It doesnt matter what mood you are in, we will be here to read all about it :)

Just smile and try to have fun no matter what...

have a nice weekend mate... Cheers..

Lena said...

arent we all rambling every now and then? thats the part of blog therapy, jessica :)
Have a great weekend :)

A New Yorker said...

Oh Dear! You've got the befuddles. Harumph. Great author to help with that is Caroline Myss. Read Anatomy of the Spirit. Just read what you are pulled to. It's always right. She also has the book on CD and I like playing it in the car. Hit whatever button feels correct and you can be sure the message will be the one you need to hear to help you navigate your befuddles.

BTW I LOVE your ramblings.

Fortune Cookies said...

I love rambles, they often are enlightening, at the very least insightful. Hey, thanks for stopping by my little poetry spot! And for the compliment! Come on back anytime,and stop by my regular blog No More Empty Fortune Cookes I update it much more frequently. :)

Fortune Cookies said...

oops! that link should be No More Empty Fortune Cookies, sorry about that!

Jessica said...

Thanks Barb,
I'm trying. :)

Hi Sherry,
Thank you. Nice to see you! I hope all is well with you! :)I did enter, so we will see what happens.

Hey Arv,
Thanks...I'm smiling now! :D
Hope your enjoying your weekend.

You're so right! :)

Ok, ok,...I get your point about Ms. Myss. lol! You know what's funny...I actually had planned to go get that book after work this week, but didn't have the chance. I'll go in the next couple of days...I promise. :) And thanks for saying you love my ramblings. :)

Welcome Fortune Cookies,
Thanks for dropping in! :)
Yes, rants can often be vary useful for sorting out problems.
I will definitely stop by your other blog. Thanks for the link! :)

Malcolm said...

You might be right about the poetry contest. It may be just what you need to reignite your creative fire. Another thing that may help is listening to that mix of "get up and go" music that you solicited last month.

Jessica said...

Hi Malcolm,
Solicited almost sounds like a sinister I think you are right, though! Music does help me to get my head in the right place. Did you check out my little ipod widget? The first song is the New Radicals. :D

Malcolm said...

Solicited does have a sinister ring to it. Even when it's used in conjunction with a word like "donations".

No, I didn't know you had an iPod widget. However, I came back and put the CD I was listening to on "pause" so that I could hear New Radicals (I never get tired of that song). I'm looking forward to hearing what else you have on this player.

Jessica said...

haha :)
That song rocks!

I listen to so much music that there is really not a player big enough! I plan on switching the songs on this one every week.