Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update...and Link love for Lena. :)

I've been extremely busy this past week; not just with stuff too! I went to see The Dark Knight, (Which is extremely dark, but really good!), and hosted a party for an old friend, etc.

I'm catching up on reading and commenting. Also, thanks for all your visits. I will be replying to your comments in the next couple of days. :)

Now, some link love for Lena. Go read her writing at Peace of My Soul. She always has something insightful to say. I stumbled across her blog a few months back, and couldn't stop reading. You go do the same.

I would like to thank Adam Duritz, from the Counting Crows, for this post. Because if I had not been listening to his music right energy level would have been -nil, which basically means--no post.


Jay said...

I'm going to go see TDK tomorrow at the noon showing. Hope it's not completely full of noisy teenagers though. ;-)

Hemanth Potluri said...

dark nite was so cool..i saw it twice already ....

as per lena's blog thats cool i have already in my blog rool ..her writing her cool ...

i also thnk adam duritz as he has given u the energy in the busy life ..


Lena said...

soooooooooooooo sweet of you, Jessica!!
I am really glad if my posts can speak to people in some and other way, thats why i am writing :)

Take care and have a great day!

Arv said...

Hi Jessica,

I visited her blog too and she writes about deep subjects... good ones...

I guess, I would be writing a similar update post dedicating it to the artists on my playlist today...

take care mate... Cheers...

Dawn Drover said...

Thanks Jessica :)
It's a wonderful blog... I'm loving it!

A New Yorker said...

Your energy level couldn't have had anything to do with hitting a shelf now, could it ;-p ?

Anonymous said...

Hers is a wonderful blog and so is yours.... :)
I am going to roll you both in my blog

David Amulet said...

I suppose a light-hearted romantic comedy wouldn't have worked with a title like "The Dark Knight."

If Adam Duritz picks you UP, I hate to think what god-awful lyrics must bring you DOWN!!

Jessica said...

Read your movie day experience. I’m just wondering about the bathroom situation. lol Normally, aren’t those things labeled. :)

Awesome! :D

I love your work! Keep writing, and we’ll keep reading! :)

I know… good, deep and relatable subjects. :)
But, you know Arv…you do the same!
Hope you are doing better.

Good to see you! I’m glad you are enjoying it! :)

LOL My energy level was down, before the shelf…but I guess hitting it didn’t help much! :P

Welcome, and thank you very much! :)

lol…no, I don’t see that working!
:D I know, strange about his lyrics, but they just have a way of bringing me back to center, rejuvenated, and ready for more. :)