Friday, July 25, 2008

A Headache, and a Law

So, a wooden shelf, and my head got into a fight. Guess who lost? :(

After a little rest, and a trip to the doctor...I'm feeling much better. Although, when I arrived at work today...I was not happy to see the mound of paperwork that I had to fill out because my injury happened on the job. Insane.

Now, on to something else.

I saw a story on the news last night about a law that is trying to be approved in South Los Angeles; it would ban fast food restaurants from opening up in that area for a least a year.

Is it just me, or does something seem wrong with this? I'm all for not eating fast's pretty much all unhealthy crap. But it's my decision to determine what I eat! Let alone, what type of business I open up. The government should not be involved with stuff like this. I fear that this is only the, it's crazy.

Read about it here.

I'd like to know your thoughts. Do you think I'm crazy?


Dazd said...

Sorry to hear the shelf lost. hopefully work won't make you pay for its replacement. heh

Good thing you went to the doctors. Head injuries can be scary.

Lena said...

thats really crap about that law, but from all what we get to hear here US legal system is full of this kind of laws :P

hope you/your head get well soon :)

Sameera Ansari said...

Ouch!Hope you are fine now :)

I guess the ban is fair enough,given the rise in deaths due to lipid disorders,even in children.

A New Yorker said...

Glad you're feeling better. And I am with you on this issue. But and I fully 100% feel strongly in this in that this is a very radical left agenda and if Obama is our President this would seem like celephane compared to the things we will be forced to live by. I truly am scared for the first time in my life.

MYM said...

Sorry to hear about your head!

I saw a report on that kind of law, I thought it had to do with the fact that the people in the area didn't have access to a place where they sold healthy food. These fast food places do a thorough job of researching where to go, and they usually build in low income areas because that's who frequents their businesses more. Basically low income people then don't have access to healthy food ... and don't have access to transportation either. It was actually a very interesting documentary tying all these issues together.

I don't trust these businesses.

Arv said...

Ouch... Hope it feels better now mate... Take good rest...

As for the law, I would maybe agree with the Govt if they started to show their care for public health by first banning cigarettes and alcohol :)

Silly people...

Jay said...

Obviously you have some deep, unconscious dislike of that shelf and just decided to take it out one day.

I don't really care about that law banning the fast food joints. Doesn't make a difference to me other than I agree that it's kind of silly. They want grocery stores that sell healthy food to move into these low income areas so that people will have access to healthier foods then fine. Give the grocery chains and business owners tax incentives to do so. I don't really see where banning a new fast food joint is going to make much difference now.

Hemanth Potluri said...

hoz the head ache buddy...u won over the shelf...

hey dont care abt the laws..we eat junk food as there is no long live junk


Anonymous said...

hope you are feeling better now and the desk too..... :)

I am not able to open the link right now... reason I don't know. I would agree with the government on this. I think they are really concerned about the citizens especially the kids among who the obesity problem is at its peak. May be there are already too many fast food restaurants and the government want to call it a saturation point now. More I will comment after I am able to open the link

jackie said...

i'm sorry about your head injury! it sounds like something i would do... those sherbow girls are so clumsy!

about the law... i suppose i agree that no law should stop a business from opening or someone from eating gross food. that said, i think it would be sort of nice to have an area with no fast food restaurants. or less of them, anyway. but that's life, and not realistic. :)

love you and miss you so much jess!

A New Yorker said...

Jess, I guess with all the comments I and you should delve further. Yes, fast food is bad for you...I agree. Look what I do for a living, but no one should tell me what I can or cannot eat but me. I can see banning a product that is poisonous but that's as far as I go with this. There has to be a point of personal responsibility. There's enough info out there to know that fast food is bad for you. So don't waste what little of your low income you have on it. Buy from the store the best you can and eat healthy. If you choose to buy the fast food that's your poor choice. PERIOD.

Malcolm said...

I hope your noggin has sufficiently recovered. As for the law banning fast food restaurants in south L.A., two other initials sum up my feelings... B.S. If people want to eat a Big Mac a Super Size fry and wash it down with a half gallon of Coke, they should be allowed to do so. Besides, fast food restaurants have gotten much better in regards to becoming more health conscious.

Bryan said...

Sorry to hear about your head. I really could care less if they open up more fast food restaurants there. Of course, you still could be crazy.

Anonymous said...

How's your head now? Oh, I forgot to ask, how is the wooden shelf now? Is it ok? I hope nothing wrong with the shelf. Lolz.. Just joking.

I think the government is taking some serious action towards unhealthy food and obesity.

Jessica said...

Thanks! :)

Thank you. :)
It seems that lately…American laws are becoming much more restrictive of the people.

Hi Sameera,
I am doing better…thanks! :)
I really don’t think it’s the government’s responsibility. At least in this manner, maybe more education is needed about healthy living.

I knew you would agree.
It seems as if Obama’s agenda is very socialist. I don’t think he personally is a threat to our liberty, but laws he may be able to get through, I fear, will lead to further restriction of our rights. I agree that it’s the individual who is responsible for his/her own decisions…not the government.

Thanks…it’s feeling better! :)
You are right…the reason there are no “healthy” type restaurants in that area is because there is no market for them.

I think that going to a grocery store is a better alternative, than have the government restrict business. Maybe we could teach the importance of healthy eating, and then people can make the choice on their own about what they eat.

Thanks Arv! :)
Yeah, well they are making too much money on cigarettes and alcohol.
Not that I think that the government has any place to ban those things either! lol

I DID, I’ve never liked that shelf….it gives me the evil eye whenever I enter the bathroom….it was just asking for a fight! :D

I think your idea about tax incentives is good…and definitely a lot better than the alternative.

I love your attitude!!!! :D

I can see your point of view. :) But I still don’t think the government should be involved that heavily.

Thanks! Haha…so right! Clumsy…I fell on the way to work a few months back , and skinned my knee! lol

I’m glad you agree! It would be nice, they do seem to be taking over. I’ve been eating at home a lot more because I’m finding that most of the sit down restaurants have nothing good to offer either. I can cook something at home that is healthy and just tastes better!

Love you, and miss you too! :)

My noggin has recovered quite well, thank you! :)

It IS B.S.! People have a right to decide what they want to eat. If more people went elsewhere for their food…then there wouldn’t be as many fast food restaurants because there would be no market for them.

And you’re right, some do have healthier options now. :)

Welcome! :)
I’m probably just crazy. lol

Welcome…and thanks for the comment! :)My head is great, and unfortunately the shelf has yet to be disposed of. lol
The government needs another plan of action.

hopefaithbelieve said...

Jess, I agree on your point. I don't think people should let their kids eat fast food all the time, but it is the business owner's right to put up a franchise where he/she wants. I mean, this is America.

Greg said...

Well yea, of course. That's why you elected a Democrat Senate Representative in Sacramento; to protect us. California is under Democrat control, and wants to RAISE sales tax to balance the budget - Tax and Spend - Nanny-State. you keep voting democrat :¬Þ

Yea it does sound stupid, but you let them tax alcohol and cigarettes to start, and they think they are YOUR baby-sitters. Think careful the next time you vote for a democrat!

Jessica said...

hmm, I agree, but don't know if you were being rhetorical. I've never voted in Sacramento. :)

Greg said...

Hi Jessica, It has nothing to do with voting In Sacramento, but who you vote for in your district in California to represent YOU in the Sate Senate.

So, if you live in California you have a choice, and Californians have chosen Socialist Representatives to represent their values and views

Jessica said...

Oh, yes! I agree...I'm not in California anymore, so my vote help clear any of that up. *shurg*
Thanks for your comments.