Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Sick Day? ...Nah

This morning I almost did it…what I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now.

Riding the train in to work, most days, I’m compelled to skip my stop, continue on till the end of the line, go back again…into the city. But instead of going to work, and enduring another day of monotonous paper pushing, in this fantasy, I go to an art gallery, library, or just sit outside in a SUNNY park. (did I mention that I like sun?) Reading, writing, and taking pictures.

I feel best when I’m being creative, and having FUN. These things go hand in hand. Also, being able to use my mind, both critically, and abstractly helps a lot.

Despite, the fact that my job does not provide any of this…I know that for right now, I’m where I’m supposed to be.

Everyone needs to make money, right? The people here are nice, and creative too. Most of them are writers, in their spare time, and are pretty much in the same situation I’m in.

Oh, and yes, I could have used a sick day…they accrue really fast when you work for a university…but I’m saving them for…job interviews…because I won’t stop looking until I’ve found the right one. I know that it will pop up…as long as I keep looking! :)


Malcolm said...

I now have the theme to the 1960s series "Route 66" in my head. I sometimes have fantasies on my commute to work to say "to hell with work" and just keep on driving.

Because my job doesn't really allow for much creativity, blogging and my radio show help to keep me (reasonably) sane. I'll bet that there are many others like me and you in the same boat regarding work. I just hope the boat doesn't sink.

Reflections Magazine editor said...

Playing hooky? Sounds like fun...
The semester is over for me tomorrow, so I won't "have to" skip school. Instead I will have a long and I pray, uneventful summer with my boys.
I should never stop looking for that dream spot. And you will find it or it may find you. Have a great week Jessica.

A New Yorker said...

Live your bliss. Find your dharma and do it. Heck I live on a shoestring budget and sometimes I wonder what I will do for money the following week BUT I am building my business with something I love and is so important to do in this world and I know what I am doing today is sowing the seeds of something bigger and financially thriving in the future. You will do it too!!!!

Gina said...

Good thinking, girl!

Hope you find IT. All the best.

Dawn Drover said...

Smart thinking! Along with your positive attitude you are bound to find the job of your dreams!

Hemanth Potluri said...

i have a feeling u will find it dont worry b+ve ..heheh..will find a better one tc...

urs hemu...

Anonymous Mom said...

I love your positive attitude! I hope you can combine a job interview day with a day in the park soon.

Arv said...

Am really glad to know that am not alone in this quest...

All the best mate, Cheers...

Unknown said...

Gud luck buddy..
am sure u ll hav all that u wish fr soon..

Nice blog btw!

Jessica said...

That song is so great!! :)
I'm with you on the boat's sad because I don't think most people seek out, or have a creative outlet they can turn to.

Hi Fearless,
Thanks for your encouragement! :) I hope you have a fun, and restful summer.

What you're doing is awesome...I believe that you HAVE to do what makes you happy in life, regardless of money. :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks...I try to be positive,and for the most part I think I am, but catch me on a "bad" day and a week's worth of positiveness goes out the window! :/

Thanks! Hemu! :)

Now, THAT would be wonderful! :D

It's always nice to know that we're not alone! It makes life so much better! Have a good evening! :)

Welcome, thanks for your kind words! :) Come back anytime!

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Hi Jessica,
you're extremely philosophical about things, that's good.
Stay positive, I say, and just remember, whatever happens, happens for a reason...
“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” unknown
Have a nice day :)

Jay said...

It's good that you hold onto those personal days for job interviews. I know so many people that talk all the time about going out and finding a new job, but then they blow all their vacation and personal days just hanging out or doing nothing important. Then they use their lack of vacation or personal days as an excuse not to go look for another job. It's an easy trap to fall into though.

Jessica said...

Thanks! :) I had never heard that quote! I like it. :)

Welcome! :) Yeah, I know people like that too. I think, when people get comfortable it's hard for them to put in the effort needed for change.