Monday, June 23, 2008

Front Row Counting Crows Tickets!!! :)

This morning I woke up still sleepy, I couldn't find my glasses, and I barely made it to the shower, then I read about George Carlin's death. :(

He was an awesome comedian, and loved by many. I had an opportunity to go to one of his shows a couple years ago;he had a great stage presence. Go visit Malcolm for a wonderful post about Carlin.

On to happier things:

So, needless to say, things for me were shaping up to be pretty stereotypical for a Monday.

When I got to work, I remembered that tickets for the Counting Crows/ Maroon 5 show were going on sale at 10 am. I've been really excited about this show because the Counting Crows are one of my VERY favorite bands. I wrote about them here, earlier this year.

Anyway, long story short...there is no one I know that really likes these bands enough to go with me, especially at the $150 a ticket price.

So, I was going to settle, get seats on the lawn,and go with folks that really aren't too keen on seeing them to begin with.

Then I decided...screw it, and searched ticketmaster for one seat at the highest price. It came up with a ticket for front row center!!! :)

I bought it, and I will being going alone, and perfectly content about it, to see my favorite band!

I'm so excited I can't concentrate! :) The show is Oct 1!

Tell me about your concert experiences...have you ever gone alone? Have you ever had front row seats? Anything regarding concerts you've been to, or want to go to! I would love to know!

Or if you're not into live music, some aren't, that's ok too!:) ...then just congratulate me on my good fortune! :D


Anonymous said...

once, for about three songs, i got to sit in the front row of a james blunt concert.

i will stipulate here that i was ushing the concert, and hence paid zero dollars to get in, because james blunt is not a concert i would ever pay money to see. never ever.

but someone with front row seats was late, so for about three songs, i was in their front-row seat. and it CHANGED MY LIFE. the experience is like no other concert experience you will EVER HAVE. and i am willing to bet that you will never settle for less than front row seats again.

bob_vinyl said...

Don't forget Carlin's work on Thomas the Tank Engine. It seems corny, but he was perhaps the best reader of children's literature I've ever heard.

bob_vinyl said...

I'm not a big Counting Crows fan and I've long been surprised that they've maintained a significant following that actually seems to have grown. I thought they'd dwindle away after August and Everything After, but I've been wrong. Despite the fact that I don't find them to be bad, I've never quite understood their long term appeal either.

The local college radio station, WTMD 89.7, did the 897 Greatest Albums of All Time a few months back. Unlike that silly Rolling Stone list that everyone complained about, this one was voted on by the listeners. I have some issues with it, but overall, they did a good job. You might find #20 interesting. As a CC fan, do you agree or does that seem awfully high even to you?

WTMD 897 Greatest Albums

Anonymous Mom said...

GET SO OUT OF HERE!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! WOW! Front Row! That is like a rarity! I am considering going to the same show (here of course) and I don't have anyone to go with either. I have gone to concerts alone and for me its not bad once the music starts but it was uncomfortable sitting there alone surrounded by mostly couples. BUT FRONT ROW WILL KICK ASS BECAUSE EVERYONE WILL BE TOGETHER, ya know what I mean????

My most memorable front row experience was Van Halen in '81 and David and Eddie both reached out and touched my hand and I got a pick from Ed!

Malcolm said...

First off, thanks for directing people to my blog. I have never gone to a concert alone. Although I might if I was in a situation similar to yours (front row seats to one of my favorite artists). Unfortunately, I have never had front row seats. However, my then-girlfriend and I were pretty close to the stage when we saw Dido/Travis back in 2001.

If you would like to read more about some of my other concert experiences, I included the link to a T13 I did last year.

Maureen said...

I saw George Carlin in 1978. I still have my ticket that set me back a whole $7 (plus tax!).... I am so sad.

MYM said...

Front row!?! I'm soooooo jealous :) Enjoy! :)

Arv said...

Awesome stuff... Good for ya Jessica...

well, I would have joined ya if I was in the same land :)

So can I expect you to get on the stage too???

Am yet to see the big ones (my favs) in concert... Glastonbury was fun though... :)

A New Yorker said...

You are going to meet awesome people, who aren't going to think for one moment you are there with or without someone and have an amazing time!!!!! You'll see that once you get there you'll forget it was a lone ticket that got you there. Front row center! You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike said...

Best concert I ever went to was Monster Magnet at Club 279.

There were maybe 200 people there.


Dazd said...

I woulda went! Of course the gas to get there and back would've left me in financial ruins.

3rd row center for Deep Purple "The House of Blue Light Tour". Couldn't hear well for 3 days. lol

Hemanth Potluri said...

i am very much angry u dint invite me ....heheh lol...ur lucky to have the front row ones...may some day i too will make u jealous ...

urs ..hemu..

Gina said...

So congratulations are in order!
You must be counting the days ;-) 'til the show.

I've only gone to 1 concert of 2 of the most popular music artists from the Philippines. They came to Toronto about 3 years ago, and eventho' , hubby and I were quite far from the stage, we had a really wonderful time. I got so nostalgic when they sang old favorites from home and couldn't help but sing along.

I wouldn't mind watching out for the Journey band should they make Toronto one of their stops in their tour.

Jessica said...

Hi Helena, :)
I forgot that you usher sometimes! That’s awesome, zero dollars is a great price for front row.

Ooh, I hope I can settle…LOL…or else my concert budget will go way up!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the reminder about Carlin on Thomas the Tank Engine. :) I not very familiar with it, but I did hear about it at some point.
Yeah, after browsing the list, I think they did a pretty good job. Most albums they picked, I think, deserved their spots.

But…you’re totally right…August and Everything After is a great album, and all the songs, are really good, but #20. That seems odd, to me. Other albums, are more deserving of that high of a spot.

Jessica said...

I know, YAY!! :D Front row WILL kick ass, I’m sure I won’t even notice I’m alone! It will be fun…to just enjoy the music with other huge fans! You should go, when they come there!

Van Halen-great band! Touching your hand, and a pick…I’m jealous! :)

Jessica said...

No prob! :)

Ooh, I like Dido…I bet that was a great show!

I’m going to take a closer look at your link today…but I skimmed a little yesterday.

Did I read that correctly…you shook hands with Eddie Vedder? Cool. Pearl Jam is another band that I’ve always wanted to see.

Jessica said...

Hi Maureen,
Thanks for the visit! :)

Ok, wow, you still have your ticket…that is impressive. I always try to save mine, but after a few days it has been through the wash or something similar. lol

$7…I think I paid $50, and my seat wasn’t that good.

So glad I got to see him!

Jessica said...

Thanks Drowsey! :D
I am so excited now!!

The concert is 3 months away…don’t know what I’ll be like the day of the show. LOL

Malcolm said...

Jessica: Yes, me and Eddie did the "soul brother" handshake. The Lollapalooza show in question was when the album "Ten" was just taking off. As a matter of fact, Pearl Jam was the 2nd act to play that day (after Lush).

Jessica said...

Aw, that would have been great!

I’d like to get on stage… that would be so much fun! :D

I just looked up Glastonbury….I bet that was a great time!

Jessica said...

I hope to meet some awesome people!!!

I’ve forgotten already…I’m at a place in my life…where I’m not going to forgo something I’m excited about, and want to do, just because of other people.

Ya, just have to live life! :)

Jessica said...

I bet that was fun!!! :D

Small shows are great, in fact, some of my favorite concert experiences have been in little clubs…with die hard fans!

Jessica said...

Hey Dazd,
lol…Well, we wouldn’t want you to have to hitch hike back home!

Third row center for Deep Purple….wow. That’s awesome! :)

Jessica said...

If you were here…and willing to pay $150 for your ticket, than you definitely would have been invited! :)

I hope, you do make me jealous, and get great seats for your favorite band!

Jessica said...

Haha, I am actually marking them off on a calendar! lol

Oh, I bet that was great! I love going to a concert, sitting on the lawn, and just enjoying the music.

Journey is one of those bands that I really want to see too! :) I hope they go to Toronto so you can go!

Jessica said...

That is so cool! :D