Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What Are You Most Afraid Of?

A friend sent me a survey last week, and the one question that really stuck out was...What are you most afraid of? For me the answer was... not making the most of my life.

I couldn't really think of anything physical that I'm afraid of. At this point in my life, I feel like I'm strong enough to take anything the world throws me. I may not like it, per se, but I can take it.

I guess my fear is easily prevented by me...as long as I always keep it in mind, as I travel through life.

So, now it's your turn...What are you most afraid of?


Anonymous Mom said...

I am afraid of a lot of things :( But mostly non-physcial things as well. I am afraid mostly for my son's future - for the choices he makes, for what he decides to do with his life. I want him to experience more than I did as far as joy, love, purpose. Maybe I'm afraid that if he "turns out wrong" it will be my fault so my fear is really a form of pride? I don't know.

About your fear - I think you are right, it can be prevented by you. What does "making the most of your life" look like for you?

Anonymous said...

My biggest fear is leaving this planet with regrets...so I put all my attention on making today phenomenal.

A New Yorker said...

I am afraid of never being fully loved unconditionally...by someone other than my mother. Can you HEAR the pity party?

MYM said...

hmmm...good question. Losing my job is the first thing that comes to mind. Altho I've lost my job before & made it thru. But it was really, really rough and I lost everything. I have a fear of that happening again.

Other than that, I have an unrealistic fear of tornados. I don't live near where tornados happen, but I'm freaked by them.

bindhiya said...

One of my friend post about the same...that is god read..
you can find Kylie at my blog roll...
and find my fear too :))

Dawn Drover said...

Death. I am positively phobic! :)

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Hi Jessica, come over to this side of the Atlantic, let's spend a weekend in Parisian traffic on a bike...then post about what frightens you..!!!!!!
Thanks for your regular (virtual)visits :)

BeckEye said...

I think yours is a pretty good answer. I'm afraid of that too.

Reflections Magazine editor said...

I am afraid of Cockroaches... yes I now silly but true. All other fears I can deal with and face. :)

Jessica said...

I think yours is a reasonable fear…especially from a good mother. :)

About mine…what it looks like for me would take at least a few more posts to explain fully, but short version- “FUN” that’s really all I want out of life- to have fun. In a simplistic version, I would be making the most out of my life if I could have fun with, or at least make the best out of every situation, even if it isn’t ideal. It’s all about not allowing the crappy things in life to weigh me down.

That’s a good plan!! :)

I think maybe “our” mothers are the only ones capable of loving and accepting everything we do unconditionally. That is, except for ourselves…which is something I’m actually trying to fully grasp, and come to grips with.

I see that, tornadoes, are strange, and uncontrollable things…I don’t think your fear is unrealistic.

I’ll have to check that out!! :)

Yep, I have a fear of death as well. It has sort of taken a back burner lately, but it’s always there to some extent.

Ooh, I would love to come. I was in Pairs a for a week a couple years back. I loved it! Of course I didn’t attempt to drive though. :) I became very familiar with the Metro.

Hi BeckEye,
Great minds think alike! :)

Hi Fearless,
Thanks for the visit and the comment. That is definitely a reasonable fear. I was actually talking about cockroaches with some people last night. It was pretty much decided that ‘we’ would rather deal with anything as far as insect, rodent, or whatever…than a cockroach.