Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sunshine In a Jar...YES

Being one of those people that requires sunshine pretty much all of the time...I'm in dire need of this from It's a Sun Jar!! How cool is that? It captures light all day...and then at night it glows with sunlight. :)


Anonymous Mom said...

No way! Does this really work? I want one!!!

A New Yorker said...

THIS IS WAY COOL. Did you get one and yes, does it work?

Anonymous said...

these are darling!

you've been tagged.

David Amulet said...

Bizarre. Next thing you know they'll be selling dehydrated water.

Jessica said...

Haven't tried it yet, but I'm ordering one and I'll let ya know. I hope it works!!! :)

It is WAY cool! Don't know if it works, but I'm getting my hopes up!

Aren't they? :) Thanks for the tag, but I'm thinking I'll have to decline. I did one similar to this one not too long ago...don't have much more to say right now. Yours was great...I loved how you used pictures...awesome. :)

That's probably true! lol :)