Friday, May 9, 2008

Good News....

While weeding through the yuckiness (don't think this is really a word, but whatever. :) happening in the world...I found this. A blind man, 78 no less, bowled a perfect game. Very cool! It's hard to bowl a perfect game when you can actually see the pins; I can't imagine doing it blind! He deserves a trophy of some kind.


A New Yorker said...

Heck I'd be happy to bowl a 50. Maybe I should blindfold myself next time! HAHA!

Jessica said...

I feel you...I'm a two handed bowler myself! :)

Anonymous Mom said...

WOW! That's amazing. Thanks for sharing something inspiring.

I like your new profile pic!!! Very cute!

LifeOfLeo said...

Love the new photo!

Malcolm said...

On a sports radio show that I listen to, the host was talking about the blind bowler earlier in the week. He found it hard to believe that the man could bowl a perfect game.

When I clicked your link from a comment that you made on one of my posts, I was like, "Hey, what is this lady's photo doing on Jessica's blog." Although I liked the old photo, the new pic is a good one too.

Jessica said...

Thanks...I thought it was time for a change! :)

Thanks!!! :)

hmm, so the host thought it was an exaggerated story? Interesting!
Thanks for the compliment on my new pic.:)