Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pain and Struggle= Change and Growth

Today I listened to a bit of Glenn Beck's radio show. He's great; I've been listening to him off and on since 9/11. The reason I like him more than most talk radio hosts is the fact that he never claims to have all the answers. Also, he is pretty open minded, and funny. I love to laugh and he is constantly making me laugh, so that's probably one of the main reasons I've been a listener for so long.

Anyway, today his topic led to a discussion about the importance of pain and struggle in people's lives. His ultimate point was that with out having moments of pain, struggle, and hardship that no one can change or grow.

So I started thinking, wow this is so true. His statements can be seen true with all things in life not just economic hardship. When you think about it, it makes total sense...when people are comfortable there's really no incentive for them to change. But when things get tough, personally, financially, or whatever people have more of a reason to evaluate their lives and change. Of course no one likes to deal with physical or mental pain and hardship, but in order to grow and see life from a different clearer prospective these things need to happen. In a way, I equate this to my thoughts on addiction... someone who is addicted has to reach their lowest, most uncomfortable point in order to allow themselves the opportunity to change.

Life is like this and I think even needs to be like this- Wonderful beautiful moments filled with happiness and light mixed in with moments of struggle and such. Because without this balance we wouldn't grow, change, or appreciate life to its fullest existent.

Just my thoughts...what do you think?


Anonymous Mom said...

I agree with you 100% on all of this! In fact, I was just watching Glenn on TV! He always has me thinking and laughing.

Looking back in my own life I would say most of the growth (in big or small areas) has been a result of struggle and pain. And like you said - it gives us a contrast so we can enjoy the beautiful, good things in life.

Robert said...

so glad to follow my buddy up above me *waves to layla* I also agree very much jessica I wish it wasn't so alot of the time, but times of pain and struggle tend to make change and growth a more likely occurrence. Of courae lots of times there is stubborn resistance but it still wins out usually. Funny how at times once it is over it can be even looked at in a happier light, us crazy humans eh??

Jessica said...

Glenn is wonderful. I was so happy for him when he got the tv show, and I'm so glad that it is still on the air. Also, I feel the same way...what promoted me to write this post was looking back at all the growth and change in my life and realizing that all these things to some existent were a result of struggle and pain.

I agree with you. I wish that this wasn't the case, but it does seem to work. And I love the fact that after "the storm" the sun does come out! :)