Tuesday, April 1, 2008

High on Kimya Dawson

Last weekend I went to see Kimya Dawson play. You know, she's the girl that became semi-well known for her music that was on the Juno soundtrack. She was in the Moldy Peaches and has had various stints recording with other friends of hers. Now, she is working on kids music. (which she played at the show...it was awesome, and in her words 'It's basically the same as my other music but I don't say cock.') I started listening to Kimya in January and haven't stopped. There's something about her lyrics and musical style that touches my heart. It's just so relateable and real.
For me, listening to her is a very emotional experience, and seeing her preform live only intensified my feelings. It was not like any show I have ever been to. I spent an hour and a half entranced and focused on her, my own thoughts, and the music. I realized that it's not just Kimya's music that is real...it's her. She is happy and doing what she loves. That rubs off on the people around her. In fact, when I left the show I had an intense feeling of euphoria. I'm not even kidding; It was like the same giddy feeling you get when you're just starting to get drunk. Only this was more intense...warm, happy, emotional. Almost like the after effects of a much needed cry. (which isn't to far from being literal...because there were points during the show when I was moved to tears.) I knew the feeling wouldn't last...but while it did it was amazing.

Writing and playing songs is what she does to deal with life. It's her creative outlet, and her audience is lucky enough to be a part of that. Wow...is all I have left to say. She's left me speechless. I'm hoping I will get to see her again soon. I'm kinda addicted! lol


bob_vinyl said...

I saw Kimya open for They Might Be Giants maybe four or so years ago. She had a few albums out, but they were on CD-R at the time. Technically, she's not that talented which makes her more amazing, because she overcomes that with her music.

If you like her, also check out Antsy Pants. You can get their CD for like $5 from Plan-It-X Records, a cool punk/DIY label.

If you haven't heard this one, check out "Heroes 2002. That one makes me cry.

bindhiya said...

I found you through blog catalog!
you have a beautiful blog...
have a beautiful day!


Jessica said...

I will definitely check out antsy pants' stuff! :) Thanks for the link to heroes 2002 what an amazing song!

Hi Bindhiya,
Thanks for reading!! I hope you have a great day as well. :)