Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Needless Facts to Brighten Your Day

Once again courtesy of Coffee News, a funny little publication that I'm obviously spending way too much of my time reading. :)

1. Bazooka is the name of bubble gum, as well as rocket launchers. The latter gets its name from a unique musical instrument that was long and cylindrical, like an oboe. Comedian Bob Burns coined the phrase because he used the instrument in his act.

2. The world has Carlton Magee, the editor of a newspaper in Oklahoma City, to thank for inventing the parking meter. He patented the idea in 1932 and introduced the first meters on the streets of the city in 1935 to curb parking problems and traffic congestion.

3. A porcupine has about 30,000 quills that are so sharp they can penetrate any hide. The most deadly quills are located on the top of the porcupine's tail, which can send a hail of quills with razor sharp barbs into its victims.

4. The first gas station opened in 1895 in Bordeaux, France. Two years later, the first station opened in Brighton England.

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