Thursday, March 27, 2008

Free Dr. Pepper for All Americans

Heard word of this over at Rock and Roll and Meandering Nonsense. (Great site-check them out!) Apparently, Dr. Pepper has offered a can of soda to all Americans- if Guns N' Roses will finally put out their album Chinese Democracy. It has been set to come out for many years, but Axl Rose keeps backing out. This album has become somewhat of a longstanding joke, and this Dr. Pepper thing adds to that. I'm thinking that someone high up at Dr. Pepper likes Guns N' Roses!

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Chris O. said...

Ok, so here is my thing about Chinese Democracy. The first single from the album, “Oh my God” was on the End of Days soundtrack in 1999. This was supposed to echo one of GNR’s last big singles, “You Could Be Mine,” from Terminator 2 in 1991. It’s kinda funny, because much like the film it appeared in, “Oh My God” kinda sucked, and at the very least was a pale imitation of what GNR used to be. So, after receiving a near-universal response of “meh” from the fan base, Axel freaked out and delayed the album’s release. And here we are today. It’s too bad, really, cause what has been recorded from live performances or bootlegged off the internet is pretty damn good. It’s not Appetite, but it’s not bad, especially considering Axel is the only remaining GNR member, and most of the songs were partially penned by a guy wearing a KFC chicken bucket on his head. However, maybe there is hope, because Velvet Revolver just recently gave Scott Wieland (however the hell I spell that) the boot. Perhaps GNR could get back together, work up another kick ass album al-la Appetite (or even the Illusions) and release Chinese Democracy as a side note, much like Poison’s Crack a Smile or Kiss’s Carnival of Souls. God that would cool. I think I would actually be more interested in seeing a real GNR reunion than one with Zeppelin, and that is just sick, because I would (and probably will) pay a kingly sum to see Zeppelin. I can’t be the only one who feels this way, so perhaps Axel and Slash and the rest of em’ can put aside their differences and come together in the name of assured riches. But I have started to ramble, so anyway … GNR rules!