Monday, December 10, 2007

The Murderer is Sentenced

Today Michael Vick was sentenced in Federal Court for his role in a dogfighting ring. (aka- horribly torturing and murdering innocent dogs for profit) I could get into the specifics, but everyone knows by now the brutal way the dogs were treated. I guess I am pleased with his sentence which includes 23 months in jail, (of course he won't do the full time, but at least it's something.), a fine of $5,000, and 3 years of probation after he is released.
So after I read
the article, I started to think about how much positive impact this case and all the publicity surrounding it is bound to have on preventing and stopping dogfighting rings in the future. That thought made me happy! And I would like to say that if I was in charge of Vick's sentencing I would insist that he pay his $5,000 fine, if not more, directly to an animal shelter.

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Chris O. said...

Great point. When you hear about the atrocities that bastard comitted (or allowed to be comitted) it is sickining. But you're right, I am sure that many dogs will have better lives because of it, which is a great way to look at it.