Sunday, October 7, 2007

Which Candidate Should I Vote For? Will a Calculator Decide? Probably Not.

I haven't decided which candidate to vote for in the next presidential election. I am sick of politics. And none of the people running strike me as very sincere about any of their convictions. Admittedly, I am a hard voter to please because I tend to sway to the left on social issues and to the right fiscally.

So, I was listening to talk radio the other day and a mention of this site came up It is a calculator that, after you plug in some information about your views, will tell you which candidate's views you are most aligned with.

My results came up with Rudy Giuliani in the top spot. Based on my answers it said my views were lined up with his 79.31 %.

That figure is probably correct, but I am really not impressed with Giuliani. He did clean up New York City, but really I think that is about all he has going for him.

Scary prospects for the next presidential election!

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Anonymous said...

I went to a site similar to this one and I think the highest I came was 37% to a couple of candidates... I don't even remember which ones.