Sunday, October 7, 2007


I enjoy cooking, and I think I am pretty good at it too. One dish that I have been working on perfecting for years is pancakes. I never seem to get them quite right. Normally, they come out so burned that they are inedible, or not done enough. Well, (I know, kind of strange) I have always thought that having children and knowing how to make pancakes goes hand in hand. I was determined to learn how to make edible pancakes before having kids. And yesterday I finally did! So, I guess I can check one off of my am I ready for kids? list.

These are not mine, but
don't they look good?


Malcolm said...

I haven't eaten pancakes in a couple of years (part of the watching what I eat thing). However, I keep telling myself that I am going to get some mix and syrup the next time I hit the grocery store.

And yes, that picture looks good. I tried reaching through my computer screen, but was unsuccessful. Have you ever gone to an IHOP? I went for my first and only time when me and some friends took a trip to CA back in 1999.

Jessica said...

Hi Malcolm,
LOL--I think many have attempted before you and have been unsuccessful as well! :)

Yeah I've been to IHOP...way too many times! :) They've been around in most places that I've lived.

I like finding little hole in the wall places for pancakes...normally they are really good!

Thanks for the comment on here---btw. ;D