Sunday, May 8, 2011

My First Mother's Day!

Spent all day with my smiley happy baby! What more could I ask for?! Still crazy to me that I'm a mom. It hasn't fully sunk in yet! Here is a great article on Mother's Day, by Phyllis Chesler. This paragraph, especially, speaks to me.

Female motherhood is both a sacred undertaking and a sacred experience. Becoming a mother—giving birth to or raising another precious human being—changes you as nothing else can. You are pitched, head-long and feet-first into a parallel universe, a new way of life, a craft, a passion which tempers and deepens all those who engage in it.

Happy Mother's Day!


Ferd said...

Happy belated first Mother's Day!!!

Beautiful, smiley baby!

Dawn Drover said...

Love the photo! I'm glad you enjoyed your day!

Jessica said...

Thanks u 2! Hope all is well! :)

Vixen said...

Happy First Mother's Day!!!!!

I know I am late. But hey, I am just posting Mother's Day pictures today, so it is a global kind of lateness!