Wednesday, January 12, 2011


  • I'm 37 weeks and one day pregnant.
  • I've been snowed/iced in for 3 days.
  • Going a tad, nah, majorly stir crazy!


Ferd said...

Wow! 37 weeks! I've been waiting for the big news. Not too long now!
I'm sure you're bored and have major cabin fever, but you should rest, maybe go out for a walk, take good care of yourself, because you'll be pretty busy after the baby is born.
Good luck, Jess! I'm thinking about you!

Anonymous said...

Ooh...not far away...looks like your baby and I will be sharing the same birth month :)

Jessica said...

Hi Ferd! Thanks! :)


His due date is the 31st, so we are thinking it could be in the next couple of weeks or early Feb. I love, both Jan and Feb, so excited!

Arv said...

Hi Jessica...

am back at the blogs :)

have emailed you the new address :)

exciting times mate... :)

All the best :)

have a lovely day :)


सहज समाधि आश्रम said...

very nice

Roshan said...

Can't wait. You will be a great mom.

Nik said...

It's been forever since I've stopped by here and wow, look how much has changed. You're having a baby soon, how exciting!! Also, congrats to you and your hubby. Hopefully by now, you're stir-crazy feeling has left and maybe, you've met your little one, or he'll be making his entrance here soon. Best to you.