Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meet Lola!

I found Lola at the pet store, a couple of months ago, while making a quick run for dog food. One thing led to another --I fell in love, and then, of course, I had to take her home.

She is a very funny little creature, she sleeps most of the day, runs on her wheel all night, and when she's not sleeping or running she slips out of her cage and explores the area around her. In fact, one morning I woke up and found that Lola had crawled out of her cage, chewed a hole in the bag of her bedding, and was nesting in the bag. She never ventures out for very long, though, she loves her wheel way too much.

If I had to describe Lola in two words they would be Scaredy Cat. I don't like disturbing her much because she freaks out and runs around frantically. More often than not, right in front of me, she will try to hide by running into her little igloo house thing and barricading herself inside with bedding. Once I'm able to, finally, pet her she settles down a bit and actually seems to enjoy her self!

So my point is, having a mouse is great fun--many hours of enjoyment---Lola rocks! She's not very fond of the camera, so these are the only good pics I have been able to snap, thus far.


Hemanth Potluri said...

hii to lola....she is sooo cute..:)...


Anonymous said...

Aww...gorgeous! :) I can see why you fell in love with her... :)

Chris O. said...

I admit, she's won me over. At first I was not wild about the idea, but through her nocturnal wheel-running and persistent cuteness, she's scampered her way into my heart. Great pics, BTW!

Jessica said...

Thanks! :)

Aw, thanks! She is a tiny bundle of cuteness! :)

I knew she would! How could anyone not love her semi-neurotic adorableness! ;)

Speedcat Hollydale said...


I had one years ago, and amazingly got along well with the cat.

Hello from Hollydale :-)

Jessica said...

Hello Speedy! That's awesome that they got along! I think it's funny, she's been around my two dogs for a month or so, and they haven't even noticed her. Silly!

Vixen said...

Hi Lola. Nice to meet you little timid one.

Anonymous Mom said...

I LOVE HER!!!! But you knew I would :)

Did you know one of my rats is named Lola!!!

I am so glad you are giving her a good home. I have to wear ear plugs sometimes when Lola, Daphne and Katie get going on their wheels.

She is sooooooooo cute.

Jessica said...

Hi Vixen!:)

Hi Barb,
I knew you would! :) I had forgotten one of your rats was named Lola--great minds think alike, for sure! The people at the pet store kept trying to convince me to get a rat instead. They said rats were more friendly and social, but I just needed her!

Unknown said...

Nice to meet her, she looks so cute in the pics. Great choice.

Anonymous Mom said...

Jess, I would agree that rats are more friendly and social but Lola needed you and you made a great choice :)

Jessica said...

Thanks John! I'm so glad I finally got a shot! :)

She did need me! Thanks Barb! :)