Sunday, September 13, 2009

Recap of My Past Couple of Weeks...

I've become addicted to these. And only just a few days ago, found out that they are something like 350 calories a pop! Yay, go me, I have not only ceased my exercising as of late, I have added a million more calories to my diet! LOL But, hey, they are so SO good!
I've been fluctuating back and forth between missing my old job and loving the perks of my new one! I guess that is the Libra in me coming out...never completely satisfied with a decision.

I've been listening to tons of Cuban music! I've become kinda obsessed, in fact. Buena Vista Social Club is the best!
Also, I've been having fun learning about jewelry making! Here is one of my newest creations:

So, what is new in your world?


Fortune Cookies said...

I love that bracelet! LOVE IT!
New in my world? Um....cleared out the back bedroom and turned it into a makeshift "studio". Now I have my own space to paint and play without destroying the dining room table and floor any further :) YAY

Vixen said...

Glad you are enjoying your new job. I love the bracelet. I want to learn to make some jewelry, but I think I have enough unfinished hobbies right now, lol.

Novice Writer said...

Cuban music? Hmm..I am kinda getting addicted to Hindi music nowadays..
Nice bracelet! I used to make stuff like this..But have stopped it now..
Nothing much has been happening here..Just the usual job, the usual household work and so on..

Hemanth Potluri said...

its good enjoying ur new job :)..and the bracelet is cool :)..take care..


Jessica said...

Hi Fortune,
Thanks so much! :) And I am so happy that you made yourself a little studio! I can't wait to see more of your work!

Thanks Vixen! :)I feel that way too, sometimes, there's so much I want to do that it's hard to make time for it all. I LOVE your apron's they are so great! I am planning a purchase as soon as I get some crazy bills taken care of.

Hi Novice,
Thanks for stopping by! Hindi music, eh...I like listening to that too, it is very calming. Take care!

Hi Hemu,
Thanks! Hope you and Lucky are doing well! :)

Anonymous Mom said...

I am glad there is not Dunkin Donut near me cause I would totally get hooked on those too.

Sounds like you're doing well, I love the bracelet! Your b-day must be around the corner, mine too I will be __. I can't even bear to type the number its so huge and dramatic.

New with me: still dating Drew, my son still in jail and addicted to heroin, still not sure if I have a "real job" but have been doing some work.

Jessica said...

Aw, Barb thanks for remembering my birthday! :) And don't be down about your age, you are forever get out, do more, and have way more fun than most people in my age group! I'm glad about Drew, and your work. Sorry about K, I think about you 2 every day. Things will get better. This year, (meaning from this birthday to the next one) we must meet up and go see a show! I mean it, we have to get together!

Unknown said...

Too busy with work lately to have anything new. I'm barely keeping up with the blog lately.

Jessica said...

Hi John,
Sorry to hear that. I hope you get some time soon, just to relax!

ani_aset said...

hey now that you you also happen to listen to some Social dancing songs in ballroom (standard and latin)?

lena said...

Like the jewellery here. you really are good at this :)

Roshan said...

That cold one looks so yummy. Hmmm! And I like your bracelet.

Jessica said...

Hi Ani! No, I haven't yet, but they are probably worth a listen! :)

Thanks Lena! :) Your nice words are so much appreciated.

They are SO good, but I really must stop drinking them! lol