Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Fear a Big Brother Society

I normally don't do this here, but today I read this article.

It really upset me. I won't say much, the article does a good job.

All I can say, is-- when are we going to wake up? The politicking in America has gone too far. I feel that most, if not all, of the politicians in Washington do not have our best interests at heart. It's all about power, and staying elected. They are supposed to speak for us. Is this really what we want? I hope not!

(NaturalNews) The new $800 billion economic stimulus bill contains some striking new "Big Brother" health care language that should give pause to all freedom-loving Americans. For starters, the bill requires the electronic tracking of the medical records of all Americans. All your private medical data will be stored in a government database, including your history of disease, pharmaceutical treatments, surgeries and even emergency room visits.

How would you like the government knowing all the details about your drug rehab? Or alcoholism treatments? Abortion? Sexually-transmitted disease diagnosis? Pregnancy status? Blood test results?

But it gets even more interesting than that: Under the new provisions found in the bill, all U.S. doctors will now be stripped of autonomy and forced to follow the medical treatment guidelines dictated by the government.

This news should rock the medical world (once they truly understand it). It means doctors can no longer make their own decisions about patients' needs or treatment protocols. From now on, all health care decisions will be centrally planned by a dictatorial, Big Brother health care authority in the federal government.

How to turn doctors into sheeple
As Bloomberg.com reports Tom Daschle was one of the architects of this plan, and he says that doctors "have to learn to operate less like solo practitioners."

Any doctor that deviates from that plan would be penalized by the government. That means, for example, that a local doctor who knows the patient and his family, and who is aware of specific local circumstances affecting that patient will no longer be able to apply any of that knowledge in treating the patient. All treatments will be dictated from the government, obliterating the whole point of allowing doctors to operate with some degree of autonomy in the first place.

Effectively, this bill transforms the entire U.S. medical profession into nothing more than pill-pushing puppets. It wipes out the intelligence of a local doctor and replaces it with the stupidity of Big Government.

If the government says all expectant mothers must be screened for depression and put on antidepressant drugs, then all the doctors have to play along and do that if they don't want to be fined or have their medical licenses taken away. If the government says nutritional supplements are dangerous and cannot be recommended to patients, then all doctors must remain silent and avoid telling patients the truth about helpful nutritional supplements. Whatever the government dictates must now be mirrored by all practicing doctors.

And don't forget: The U.S. government is largely controlled by the pharmaceutical companies, and that means these health care dictates are almost certain to emphasize pharmaceutical treatments, disease "screening" and disease mongering provisions designed to sell more drugs. You can count on there being increased requirements for vaccinations (HPV vaccines, too) and mental health screenings (psychiatric drugs, anyone?).

Communism is alive and well in America's health care system
Americans asked for health care, but what they got was Health Communism. There is absolutely no reason to believe that a centrally-controlled government body has any ability to make good health care decisions for individual patients across America. There is also no reason to believe the U.S. government will safeguard patient medical data or even respect the privacy of patients. This is the same government, after all, that has been caught routinely spying on its own citizens by tapping phone lines, emails, faxes and internet traffic.

If anything, the U.S. government has proven itself over the past few years to be the enemy of the American people on the issue of health care. Just look at the actions of the FDA in censoring nutritional supplement health claims This government is clearly dead set against health care in America, and the more we put government in charge of making health care decisions, the worse the outcome is going to be.

Obama cried "catastrophe" in urging lawmakers to pass this economic stimulus bill. It's funny how fear is now being used to pass every trillion-dollar spending scandal in Washington these days. That's one thing the government learned very well from 9/11 - fear sells. And it sold Congress on this stimulus bill, too.

But in terms of health care, the only thing this bill is going to stimulate is more disease, more dead Americans and more profits for Big Pharma. There's nothing in the bill about ending FDA censorship, or teaching the public about nutrition, or banning pharmaceutical advertising on television. All this bill has accomplished is to spend Americans ever more quickly into financial destitution and medical desperation. It is one of the final nails in the coffin of American prosperity.

From now on, America will largely be defined by disease and debt, and the Obama administration apparently has no answer to either one.

Watch out, folks. The government is here to save us.

If you're looking for REAL solutions, stay tuned to NaturalNews.com. We are only a few days away from launching our new health freedom petition which demands real health care reform and an end to the dark era of Big Pharma domination over health care.

That petition will be announced right here on NaturalNews.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

I know, who wants their health records stored like that????

Anonymous said...

I would imagine this would be to curb the abuse that some doctors do to the systems for their patients drugs and to make money.

Hemanth Potluri said...

the first time i came to know abt this...:(..


A New Yorker said...

I hate to tell you I told you so...but I did say that this was not simply a change in policies but a man who wanted to completely change our country and turn it into something we have never seen before ever. Taking away choice and freedom can NEVER be a positive thing. Your commenter Mike is very ignorant in his statement. There will ALWAYS be someone who abuses any rule or system...but to turn that into a justification to dictate what my doctor and I can or cannot do with my body is fascist.

Futhermore what is this doing in a bill that is meant to stimulate our economy...as in create more money and jobs? This is insanity...and Jess it gets so much worse. There's a provision in this bill to require oversight of every piece of information online for copyright infringment. It's sick. This is sick sick sick...all in the hocus pocus of telling desperate people they'll get fed!

Jessica said...

Yeah, and I wish it was only that. :(

You make a great point, but I fear that we are way passed that. I believe that the government is in bed with big pharmaceutical

I hear you and agree, although I don't agree that all the blame should fall on the President. I think we've been heading down this road for a long time, we just haven't realized it. The economy trouble has progressed it ten fold.

Scary about the online provision. I didn't know about that one.

please sir said...

Yes very scary - my boyfriend brought this to my attention the other day and it scared me!

Jessica said...

Please Sir,
Yeah, I'm pretty freaked! And it seems to me that the main stream media is not even talking about it.