Friday, February 13, 2009

Great White--"Rising"

I was ecstatic to find out that one of my favorite bands--Great White-- is coming out with a new album in March. It's called "Rising." Today, I listened to samples of some of the tracks! You should too, they are really good!

Since reuniting in January 07’ to perform a benefit concert, Great White has moved forward with the successful release in the summer of the same year of their return album “Back to the Rhythm”, a record which was hailed by critics and fans as a return to the heydays of the band.

After a world tour that celebrated the first 25 years of Great White and that brought them for 14 concerts to Europe, bass player Sean McNabb opted out and was replaced by Scott Snyder (ex Ramos, Accomplice).

The band (which of course includes long-time members by Jack Russell, Michael Lardie, Audie Desbrow and Mark Kendall) went back to the studio and produced the brand new album “Rising”, once again a tribute to the Great White root sound with Rock, Blues and strong melodic elements.

The Southern California blues Hard Rock band first took a bite out of the rock scene in 1984 and since then has achieved worldwide success, encompassing sales of over six million records. They received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance for the song "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" and earned a double platinum certification for the album “…Twice Shy”.

The soulful, blues-based signature sound that turned songs like "Face The Day", "Rock Me" and "Save Your Love" into international hits, can also be found on the new songs which are currently being mixed by the band’s keyboard player Michael Lardie.

The late 80's were boom years for the band, marked by non-stop touring with some of the biggest bands of the era and playing also in Europe and Japan. Great White recorded two more albums for Capitol — “Hooked”, which was certified gold and “Psycho City”.

Although Capitol issued a Best Of compilation in 1993, Great White had already departed the label to begin work on their next studio release, “Sail Away”, released on Zoo Records in 1994 supporting it with relentless touring. Their next release, “Let It Rock” in 1996.

Great White then released on Portrait Records/Sony “Can’t Get There from Here” was released in 1999 and was the last album before the reunion of 2007.

Tracklisting: Situation; All Or Nothin'; I Dont Mind; Shine; Loveless; Is It Enough; Last Chance; Danger Zone; Down On The Level; Only You Can Do; My Sanctuary; Let's Spend the Night Together (bonus track).

Taken from Frontiers Records.


Arv said...

wow... they sound interesting... will check their new album out when it comes out :)

take care and have a beautiful weekend mate... cheers...

Hemanth Potluri said...

have to check now :).....have a gr8 weekend and happy Vday :)..


Gary's third pottery blog said...

\m/ !!!

Kimmy said...

Jessica! How odd is that... I was listening to my Last FM station and Great White came on yesterday. I thought.. wow this is pretty good stuff!!! Thank you for letting me know!

Anonymous Mom said...

You're a Great White Fan! Oh girl, I was totally into the LA band scene in the 80's and got to know some these guys, the guys from RATT, and was good friends with one of the guys from LA Guns (we were childhood friends). I was devastated when I heard about the fire - my friend (Scott Griffin) just happened to be there cause he lived in RI and he was one of the victims along with Ty Longley.

Sorry to bring up that sad memory but I can't hear Great White without being taken back to that tragedy :(

Anonymous Mom said... friend was Scott GRIFFITH, not Scott Griffin. He played with Prophecy, LA Gun and sometimes with Great White. He was a sweetheart and a hottie:

Jessica said...

Hi Arv,
You should--they are great! :)

Thanks, hope you had a good one! :)

Pretty much! ;)

Hi Kimmy,
They are a staple on my iPod! :)

I am so sorry to hear about Scott. That fire was such a tragedy. It's understandable that their music brings you back to that event. It really upset me when I heard about the fire. It was really just so unnecessary. I'm sorry again for your loss. :(

Roshan said...

Never been a fan, infact I don't think that I have heard more than a song or 2 of theirs. But I remember their tragedy of the fire & losing their guitar player. It's amazing that they have come back. More power to them.

Jessica said...

I agree! :)