Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I thought that the process of washing one's hands was self-explanatory; maybe I was wrong! :D

See more WW pictures here.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

glad they spelled it out, and now we can get used to a DIFFERENT looking person holding 2009 over there....

Arv said...

lol... do I get to choose the soap?

Lena said...

why does arv want to choose the soap? :P

MYM said...

lol ... it's sad but no. A sign is often needed. Eeesh.

Hemanth Potluri said...

lol....:P...i have to put this in my office notice board :P..


Paticus said...

Ever been in a Waffle House bathroom? Not a pretty sight.
great waffles, though.
We actually went to a Waffle House last year and they said they didn't have waffles. very disappointing.

Nik said...

Sad thing is, things like this exist beacuse there really are people out there who don't know how. lol Best part about this picture, the examples at the bottom of when hand washing would be a good idea. lmao

Chris O. said...

God I love the WH.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how people who can't read know how to wash their hands?

stan said...

some people just dont get it. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Until I saw that sign, I was washing my hands by rubbing them in my butt crack.

A New Yorker said...

You missed the biggest part of the sign...look at the hands. It's a racist sign you SEE! [sarcastically said]

Jessica said...

OMG-I just responded to you all, but blogger wouldn't post!!! :P Well, sorry guys...later.

Jessica said...

LOL, Gary, I wasn’t sure what you meant at first! I was having a blond moment!! :)

Sure, Arv!! :D

Haha! I was wondering the same thing! :)

Very, very sad!! But so true!

Who are you working with!! LOL :)

Omg, crazy, a Waffle House without waffles!! And, you’re right their bathrooms are so gross!

Yeah, so funny! :)

Yes, and let’s hope they use the sign before they prepare the food. :P

Hmm, good question! LOL :)

Welcome, Stan! :) You are very right!

I’m so glad I could enlighten you! :D

Omg—I didn’t even notice that! :)

Roshan said...

I remember someone showing a Chinese food takeout with instructions on the bag :
Open bag
Take food out
eat food
throw bag in bin.
Warning : Do not eat food while still in bag.

Jessica said...

OMG-ROFL. For real, that has to be worse than this sign! :)