Monday, December 15, 2008

Musical Monday

Barenaked Ladies--Falling for the First Time.

On shuffle this morning. For me, it's hard to pick a favorite Barenaked Ladies song, but this just may be it. :) Let me know what you've been listening to.

Happy Monday!


Roshan said...

BNL is my joint fav band of all time (along with Pearl Jam). This is a great song with great lyrics.
I'm currently listening to a 1987 album of White Lion that I downloaded for free on the net. I hope u have heard songs of this band.

French Fancy... said...

Hiya Jessica, I've been listening to the new Killers CD - Day & Age this afternoon but then this morning I was listening to some Chopin etudes - so you could say that I do chop and change a lot in one day.

Anonymous Mom said...

Listening to my Last FM Station so I get a little of everything. :)

Anonymous said...

Barenaked ladies


After what's his face lead singer used his influence to have people vote AGAINST the conservative party


If your a celebrity you encourage people to VOTE not who to vote for.

Douche douche douche!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE BNL! What I don't get though is why Steve Page who has one of the greatest voice ever doesn't sing every song. I mean, Ed's voice is ok--but not even close to Steve's and it seems like he sings most of the "popular" songs

Hemanth Potluri said...

wats wih ya ...posting only mondays and wenesdays post more :)..i am waiting ...and as per the song its good :)...first time hearing it tho :)..


hopefaithbelieve said...

Love them!! Great choice.

Arv said...

They are a decent band... will have to hear it when I come home :)


Jessica said...

I love White Lion! :)

You sound like me! LOL My music mood normally varies by hour! :)I've been wanting to check out that Killers CD, is it good?

I LOVE your station...sometimes at work that's all I listen to! Is that weird? LOL I'm thinking I may set up my own account. :)

I agree with you...I had no idea, I just like their music! :)

I see that. :) I like them both though. For me, all of their songs blend together...BNL is one of those bands that almost every song is amazing! At least in my humble opinion, LOL

LOL! :)

Glad you like them!! :)

Hi Arv,
I almost didn't see your comment there...:P Hope all is well!

Unknown said...

Lucinda Williams' "Little Honey." I love anything Lucinda does and her new album is great.

Before that I was on a Heavy Metal kick, with the new Guns n Roses album, Metallic and a bunch of oldies like Poison, Great White and others. It's strange, I'm not that big a Metal Fan but now and than that's all I want to listen to.

Jessica said...

Hi John,
It goes on kicks like that for me too! I love Great White btw. :) Along with those others you mentioned.

Malcolm said...

On the way to work, I listened to The Best of the Dovells. As you might know, they were a vocal group in the early 60s with hits like "The Bristol Stomp" and "You Can't Sit Down". Towards the end of my commute today, I listened to part of CD 2 from the Little Richard box set "The Specialty Sessions".

Jessica said...

Hi Malcolm,
Cool commute music! :)
I've been listening to Jessie Baylin ALL day. I think I need to switch to something else. :/