Monday, December 1, 2008

Musical Monday

Guns N' Roses--Street of Dreams

Yes, I have been listening to other things this week, but, truthfully, not much. lol
Tell me what you think of this one from Chinese Democracy.

Also, I want to know what you've been listening to!

Happy Monday!


Fortune Cookies said...

I'll have to listen when I get home from work. Certain content is blocked, you know...corporate filters.
I've been listening to Ani Difranco's Red Letter Year, The Ultimate Rat Pack, and Etta James - The Definitive Collection. It's been a weird mood for me this week.

Arv said...

Different sounds... :)

I like them though... cheers...

Hemanth Potluri said...

different monday with different music :)...liked it :)...


Lena said...

Just coming by to wish you a great week! :)

Paticus said...

I like that one. the vocals start out a bit weird, but i like the song overall.
I've been listening to the new Springsteen tune "The Wrestler" over and over today.

Jessica said...

Great stuff you are listening to! :)

Glad you like it. :)

Thanks Hemu,
Hope you're feeling better. :)

I hope you have one too, Lena! :)

Thanks so much for sharing that link. Great song! :)

Roshan said...

I'm beginning to like some of the songs more & more as I listen to the songs repeatedly. I like 'Better' better (lol, I made a funny) as I listened to it a few times. But I prefer the old GnR any time of the day.

Jessica said...

haha--Better Rocks! :)