Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Couple of Tags

First--The Pink Sisterhood. I was tagged by Lala and Vixen on this one. As you know, last month was breast cancer awareness month. I'm a little late, but this is always an important topic. Breast cancer has affected nearly everyone in someway. Please go to The Breast Cancer Site and click everyday. It helps women who can't afford to get a mammogram to get one for free. Early detection is very important. I'm tagging all my readers with The Pink Sisterhood.

Next there is Lori, who has tagged me with the 7 random things meme. I'm not feeling very interesting right now. So go over and check out her list, and, while your at it, visit her everyday this month because she is participating in NaBloPoMo!
Again, all readers are welcome to do this meme.


Hemanth Potluri said...

good tag done jessi ...i will definitely do the tag and it is a good thing tho :)..

have a gr8 week :)..


Arv said...

Thats a good cause mate... take care and have a great week... cheers...

Jessica said...

Thanks guys!!