Thursday, September 25, 2008

This Guy Had a Bad Day

The good news is he is still alive. Wow. I found the following here:

A man who was taken to hospital when he was hit by a train was knocked down by a car just six hours earlier.

Unlucky cyclist Robert Evans, 46, had a bad day when he managed to get run over by two different modes of transport.

Evans, from Boulder, Colorado, was hit by a train while walking his bicycle across a railroad bridge. This happened about six hours after he was hit by a car.

Police said it was the second trip to the hospital in the space of a day.

He was knocked down by the car in a hit-and-run incident at the intersection of Folsom Street and Canyon Boulevard in Boulder. It happened at about 10pm on Tuesday.

Evans was taken to hospital for his injuries, but was released at about 3am on Wednesday. He was on his way back to town when he was hit by the train while going over a bridge.

He was later found in a creek at 4.45am and taken to hospital, but his injuries were not life-threatening.

The 50ft long bridge is only wide enough to fit the train and is not for use by pedestrians.

To add to his woes, Evans faces a ticket from police for trespassing.


A New Yorker said...

Maybe he was woozy from the first hit and should not have been released without someone coming to get him?

Aleta said...

That was a day he should have stayed in bed. Never had a bad day like that before..and to add to it, he'll get a ticket. Wonder if Karma is finished with his bad luck or not?

Fortune Cookies said...

that is a bad day. poor guy, he was almost up for the darwin awards!

Mike said...


Hemanth Potluri said...

ooh god of all these atleast he is alive..:) ..but be a very bad day ppor guy :(..


Arv said...

that was a real bad day but he sure was lucky too cos he is still around to tell the tale :)

thanks for sharing... cheers...

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I was hit by a car when I was 14 and biking lawfully up the street---a car pulled across traffic, into my lane, and I smashed into the side and flew up onto the car hood and smashed the windshield with my head--and it was all in FRONT of two police officers. I had a concussion etc, but was otherwise OK, but can you believe the woman who hit me sued me???? We countersued and there's stupidity!

Anonymous said...

Talk about a bad day! Ever notice bad things seem to always pile up at once? I can't believe he managed to get hit by both modes of transportation so soon after each other. I'm just really glad he didn't try to fly anywhere. I think it's time for him to buy a car and retire the bike... if there's anything left of it.

I hope you don't mind if I write up on this story on my news blog. This is just the kind of thing I love posting about there.

Jessica said...

Good point!

I hope so!

Yeah, lol.


Such a bad day...

He is very lucky!

Wow scary story...I'm glad you won, and that you are alive! :)

Welcome Funny,
Yes,if I were him I would stay inside for a while.

mitra said...

That got to be a real bad day for him. They say na, we have to live our share of life thats allotted to us, come what may.. this is a perfect example. Otherwise he wouldn't have managed to survive after that..Hope he is normal.

And thanks for dropping by, jessica. Your words cheered me up. someone on the other corner of the world thinking about us, is indeed a pleasant feeling. :)

Jessica said...

Hi Mitra,
I hope he's ok too. I'm glad I could cheer you up some! :)

Chris O. said...

You know, I think the universe may have been trying to tell this dude something. That, or the grim reaper was having a really off day. :)

Jessica said...