Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tell Me....

Barbara asked these questions to her reader's last week.

Visit her right away, if you haven't already, you will always find something interesting, insightful, and thought provoking. And of course there is always FUN. :)

I wanted to post today, but my thoughts have escaped me, so I thought I would get to know YOU a bit better. I've added two questions of my own for good measure.

1. How was your day?

2. What are you going to eat for your next meal?

3. Have you ever built a snowman? How about a sand castle?

4. Cat or Dog?

5. Do you like telling jokes?

6. What/Who is your favorite musical artist, or band?

7. In what month were you born?


Anonymous Mom said...

thanks for the mention!

1. Long and boring...had to SIT through meetings. Too much sitting!

2. oatmeal

3. Never a snowman, but lots of sand castles

4. Both but prefer dogs...I feel guilty saying that with my cat sitting here purring next to me :)

5. Not at all, but I love hearing them!

6. Dang, that is hard. Its a tie between U2 and Bruce

7. September of course! Aren't all cool people born in Sept!!!

Jay said...

1. Routine.

2. Breakfast tomorrow will probably be Honey Nut Cheerios.

3. Yes and yes, but I'm not very good at either.

4. I'm very allergic to cats and some dogs. But dogs are so darn cool.

5. So there's a pan of muffins in the oven and one muffin turns to the other and says "Is it hot in here, or is it just me?"

Then the other muffin says "OH MY GOD A TALKING MUFFIN!"

Okay, it's an old one. But, it's a good one.

6. Probably Springsteen. Or maybe AC/DC.

7. March.

Hemanth Potluri said...

1.with cold fever and cough
2.bread ofcourse with fever cant eat anything ...
3.nopes never had ice in my city ;)..
5.yes ofcourse...
6.back street...

Nautankey said...

1.Pretty normal and routine
2.No idea :)
3.Havent seen snow all my life.. Sand castle yesss
5.Very much. Love to enact jokes too

A New Yorker said...

1. How was your day? MUCH better. I found a new subway route home.

2. What are you going to eat for your next meal? Salad

3. Have you ever built a snowman? How about a sand castle? YEP & YEP

4. Cat or Dog? CATS rule. Like doggies too.

5. Do you like telling jokes? I like hearing them.

6. What/Who is your favorite musical artist, or band? India Arie

7. In what month were you born? June

gary rith said...

1. How was your day? Yesterday? F'in great. Lotsa good work, an order from YOU, finished a fantastic book and pizza and new beers for dinner! Then a nightmare and a cold this morning. Dang.

2. What are you going to eat for your next meal? PIZZA!!!!!!!!! And make more for dinner tonight!

3. Have you ever built a snowman? How about a sand castle? Yes to both---this is the snow capital of the US.

4. Cat or Dog? 2 of each right now!!

5. Do you like telling jokes? Oh man, I am so forgetful! I printed out those jokes from last week and will have to read them off to people!

6. What/Who is your favorite musical artist, or band? Hmmmm...I like early Talking Heads a lot, early Rolling Stones oh man, I could go on!

7. In what month were you born? APRIL

Bryan said...

1.every day is a gift
2.turkey & cheese on a wheat tortilla with an apple & diet coke
3.heck yeah!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. Okay here goes:
1. So far so good, but its only 9:50am so I can't count my chickens yet.
2. Leftover pizza for lunch and speghetti for dinner.
3. I have built many snowman and many sand castles. California is great like that 3 hours from beach to snow.
4. Dogs. 4 of them right now. Did have six. Although once I did have 15 cats...darn prolific things, that cured me of cats.
5. I love telling jokes, but I am not that great at it.
6. Fave band is The Eagles.
7. January.

Arv said...

Hiya... here we go...

1. Good, I was Sleepy & Tired :)
2. South Indian Breakfast
3. Snowman - No, Sandcastle - Yes.
4. None. :)
5. Yes.
6. Many including Pink Floyd.
7. Month of the Aries. :)

Cheers mate...

gary rith said...

Just posted this myself, good idea!

Jessica said...

I liked this-- it was so much fun!
You need to build a snowman girl. :)

I LOVE that muffin joke! :)

I hope today is better for you! :)
Let me know how you’re feeling.

Welcome Nautankey,
You need to see snow…It is beautiful. Thanks for coming…stop by anytime. :)

I’m glad you found a new route. Less people I hope. :)

Cool that you posted it too…I will be over later to give my answers. :) Pizza and beer…always a good meal!

I want your lunch-- minus the diet coke. :)

That’s why I love California. :)
Dog rock! I like cats too, but there’s just something about dogs.
15 cats wooh…I bet they took over everything. Those selfish cats! lol

I hope you got some good rest! I would love to try a South Indian breakfast. :)

Anonymous said...

Day is just starting, rain is falling, light is slowly chasing away the grey. Finished Gaelic meat pie leftover from last night for breakfast, not hungry right now so hard to know what I will eat for lunch. Yes, it snows in Ohio and Yes, we take trips to the beach. I am not a beach bum, per se, but like to walk and stare out to sea. Have had both cats and dogs. Husband said he is not a cat person, then he married me and my cat lived to be 22. We thought we might die first. I'd rather laugh at a good joke than tell one. Lived the sixties as a teenager. Listening to "I wanna hold your hand" still takes me back. The month of Sagitarians, the month of Topaz, the month of Thanksgiving, the month of November.

Lina said...

1. Well yesterday started off kinda bad, but ended in a good way.
2. Cherry Yogurt
3. I have built a snowman, and attempted to build a sandcastle..
4. hmm doggies i guess
5. I am a terrible joke teller
6. I would have to say Kelly Clarkson
7. June
And that muffin joke was hysterical, lol

Malcolm said...

1. So far so good, at least it's Friday

2. I'm eating a turkey sandwich and rice

3. Yes and yes

4. Neither

5. Yes. I can work clean or dirty

6. Favorite group: The Temptations, Favorite band: The Beatles, Favorite soloist: Chuck Berry

7. November

Jessica said...

Welcome! Thanks for your answers. I'm with you I would rather laugh at a good joke than tell one. :) Come back anytime!

You and your yogurt! lol
I loved that muffin joke too! :)

Ok, I'm ready...for my joke now! :)

Malcolm said...

Unfortunately, I can't think of a clean joke right now and I don't want to leave a dirty one in your comments section. :-)

Jessica said...

Aw, haha! :D hmm...

Malcolm said...

I just remembered a clean joke. Here it goes:

You may know about the hidden messages that can be heard when playing certain songs backwards. Do you know what message you hear when you play a Michael Bolton record in reverse?

"I can't believe you bought this crap!"

Jessica said...

lol- good one! :D
You know where to find me if you think of anymore! Clean, or dirty-I just love to laugh. LOL

Aleta said...

Hello, first time visiting your blog and thought I'd fill this out. I might have to borrow it for my blog, if you don't mind.

1) It's morning. I'm not a morning person. Ask me that after 12pm. Otherwise, ehh, ok.

2) Next meal, lunch.. hmm.. Would love Sushi, but will probably be a roast beef sandwich

3) Yep, built a itty bitty snowman (doesn't snow in the south very often) And yes, tons of sand castles when I was a little girl

4) Cat, but I love all animals. I'm a sucker for taking in strays.

5) I like HEARING jokes. I'm awful with the delivery of the punch lines.

6) No favorites. I like classical to play on the piano, soft rock to listen in the car, I play country music in the background when I'm working on jewelry.

7) Late October

Jessica said...

Sure ask them on your blog...it's pretty fun. :) I'm with you on the jokes, I can't really tell them, but I love to hear them.