Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy September!

I cannot believe it's September already. Time goes by so fast. Spring is my favorite season, but I have a special love for Fall as well. Something about the leaves changing, and the air turning crisp really appeals to me.

Also, I'm turning 30 at the end of the month....yikes!

I am actually, pretty much ok with it. Well, ask me again in a few weeks, and you may have a different answer. :)


Hemanth Potluri said...

lol...our Jessi is turning 30 thats gr8 wer is the party yaar..i wud definetely come over there...:)..


Arv said...

wow... Happy September to you too...

I will ask ya again :)


gary rith said...

30? Well, one day you wake up and you're 40 and and and gets better. Yes.
It is looking very golden and fall-ish here!
Take care! gr

Gina said...

Where has August gone?

Hi Jessica!
You'll definitely will be OK ;-)It will be a case of another year older and wiser.

Fall is a beautiful season.

A New Yorker said...

I didn't realize you were such a baby!!! HEEHEE. You are so emotionally mature I could never have guessed. I am pushing 40 so just wait my youngin' friend. :-)

David Amulet said...

September? Really!?! Crap, I missed another summer ...

Daniel Edlen said...

Because of what happened for my family back in February, this past 7 months are a flipping blur. I'm really glad to have my blog to remind me of what my life's been like.

Hey thanks for the comment!


Anonymous Mom said...

Sweetpea, 30 is just the beginning of the best part of life. I refuse to say how old I'll be. We almost have the same birthday :)

Dawn Drover said...

Hey I'm having a birthday too!
Yaaaay September :)

none said...

Happy 30!

Melissa said...

Happy early Birthday. I know when I turned 30 I thought I was going to die lol. It was a major turning point for me.

whisperinthenight said...

30 is a good beginning...have many more.

Bryan said...

fall is my favorite time of year. leaves, cool air, football

happy bday!!

Jessica said...

The party is here!! :)

Please do, lol! :)

That’s what I’m told….:)

Good to see you Gina!
I’m thinkin’ so. :D

Baby, no! lol Thanks for the complement, but I put on a good act. :)

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news….:)

Hi D,
Welcome! I like my blog for exactly that reason! :)
Come back anytime!

Thanks…Libra too? :)
What day is yours on?

Another one? Yay!!! :)

Thanks Hammer! :D

Thanks Melissa, and welcome! :)
Last year, I had that “I’m going to die feeling”…this year I’m prepared. lol
Come back anytime!

Hi Whisper,
Welcome! Thanks so much! :)
Good luck…blogging…come back soon!

Fall is a great time of year! :)

hopefaithbelieve said...

30 was one of my favorite years. The early 30's were great for me. In general, You're a lot wiser and still have your looks. Enjoy some really awesome years ahead!

Jessica said...

Thanks!! I see good things ahead. :)
30 is actually looking a whole lot better than 29!