Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Already?

Today I feel like I need to join them!

I'm behind on reading, and commenting. I'll catch up just as soon as my hunger for brains subsides.

Meanwhile, tell me how you spent your weekend. I would love to hear. :)


Malcolm said...

On Saturday afternoon, I was at the Back To the Bricks car show in downtown Flint (WKUF was one of the sponsors). Normally I'm not into car shows. However, the combination of beautiful weather, good music, and other festivities made it worthwhile.

A New Yorker said...

I worked at Lincoln Center, spent the rest of my time screaming at, going to geek squad. I also did a Reiki exchange with a friend. That was super. I fell asleep on the table.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Arv said...

Zombie Mondays.. I got used to them by now :)

the weekend was briliant... it was a long weekend here and had a good time with family and friends :)

Hope you get some good rest mate... take care... Good night...


gary rith said...

My weekend, hmm? Mostly the usual, work work work, but it is such fun work: the world can always use another cute dish, right?

Chris O. said...


Lena said...

dont join them :x
my weekend was kind of ok, was shoppinggggggg which was indeed a necessity rather for mind than for the wardrobe.

have a great week dear!

Anonymous said...

me too! I'm behind on reading and commenting as well.

oye! So much to do so little time.


Mike said...

To be without thought, like most of everybody in north america. Bliss!

Hemanth Potluri said...

sat woke very late ....speat all the day shoping...nite went to a movie...sunday woke very late..watchiong tv then went out with friends to the beach to watch the waves ad the gals gf wat to do ..:(..and evenin had some chating and nite sleept and again monday ..shit..wat to do..;)...


Jessica said...

Sounds like fun! Did you see any cool concept cars?

Aw, what were you doing at Lincoln Center? When my Mom lived in the city, her building was on west 60th…right by Lincoln Center.

I’m feeling better now…just trying to catch up with work, and blogging. :)

I knew you would understand! :)
Glad you had a fun weekend!

They can, and it is wonderful that you can do work that you love. :)


Thanks! I hope your week is going well. yeah, I don’t like shopping much when it’s a necessity. :)

Agreed…I’ll pop in on you soon. :)

haha..sweet that you didn’t make an American joke out of that. :)

Busy weekend! :) I hope it was fun.

Kimmy said...

Zombie Monday! I've been a zombie all week! Working from home today, hubby is on vacation. Please remind me next time just go in office. I might break free from this state by Friday! AGH!

gary rith said...

brains or muffins for breakfast, eh?

Jessica said...

I hope you break free sooner than that! :) Listen to some music! LOL

Now, mid-week, I'll take muffins...thanks. :)