Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Best Parts of My Weekend

I got this cool meme from Dawn at Twisted Sister. It originated from Ferd at The Best Parts. Go visit them to see what they loved about the weekend. :)

Rules: This will be very easy and quick to do, so really, you have no excuse. Your assignment is simply to think back on your weekend and list three things that made you happy. Write a flash blog post with your three joys and let me know.

My Three:


Watching this cute little guy eat his dirt snack made my Sunday!


I finally started reading Sacred Contracts which Lauren recommended months ago. :)
Now, is the right time for me to be reading it, definitely. It's amazing! I'll write more as soon as I'm finished.


And I watched this funny movie. Harold and Kumar crack me up! If you like their first movie, I suggest you check this one out. It's just as good....maybe a bit better. Trailer below!


A New Yorker said...

Glad you are finding so much value in the book!

Arv said...

Hi Mate...

thats a kewl pic of that lil squirrel... nice one...

I so wanna watch that movie sometime here... fun stuff...

take care... will talk to ya soon... cheers...

Ferd said...

Hi, Jessica!
Very nice post!
I have never heard of the book or the movie, so they are both now on my list of things to do. Thanks for that!
And that is indeed a cute picture of the squirrel. Though I have to admit, having a bird feeder, squirrels are not one of those things I'm grateful for! ; )
Have a great week!

Dawn Drover said...

I love watching squirrels!
I'll check out the book too :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

kool...hope u had nice weekend...the pic is soo kool...i too will check out the book...happy weekdays lol ;)..


Anonymous Mom said...

The squirrel is so cute! I love squirrels

gary rith said...

I did! I did add you!!!!!!!! Oh no, sorry I missed you first go through, but that's why I posted, to make sure I got EVERYBODY.
Mmm hmm, kissin' the pig, sharing the bloggy love.
Harold and Kumar are what makes America GREAT.

Jessica said...

I am, I am! Thanks for the recommendation. :)

Thanks, he was so cute…I had to take a picture!
Hope your week started off well. :)

Welcome! Thanks…good idea for a meme! :)
My back yard is sort of a forest, and I’ve been actually been meaning to get a bird feeder, but now I’m thinking it would actually be a squirrel feeder. lol

They are wonderful entertainment! :D You should check the book out, it’s really interesting.

Thanks Hemu! :)

Me too! :)

They do make America great! lol
I’m adding you today! :D

Anonymous said...

Three good memories from the weekend!

Jessica said...

Hi Vixen! :) Thanks for stopping by. I did enjoy my weekend.