Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ask and You Shall Receive...

I did, well in a round about way. :)

After having a lengthy talk with a friend about the book Eat, Pray, Love (which, if you didn't know already, I adore. Read more of my thoughts here.) I was convinced that she needed to share in its glory, and I willing relinquished my very used copy.

Anyway, during our discussion I mentioned that I wished that there was some way I could speak to Elizabeth Gilbert, the book's author. I wanted to thank her for sharing her story, and ask some questions. I had previously searched, and searched for an email address, but came up empty. Apparently, she wants a bit of privacy. Who could blame her; if the address was readily available, I bet she would have tons of women trying to contact her, and ask questions.

So, today Borders sent me an email, and to my great surprise there was a link for a book club video that featured a round table discussion with Elizabeth Gilbert, and a few women who had read the book. I watched, of course, and it was great. A lot of my questions were asked by the book club members, and answered by the author. It was really the next best thing to talking to her myself.

I can't wait till Elizabeth Gilbert's next novel comes out...I'm determined to be first in line at the book signing! :)


A New Yorker said...

I loved that book. And funny enough almost the same time she was on her journey I was doing the same things here at home. When I read it -- it was like confirmation for me. I just did these things without first reading about them, including the Myss books. I read them AFTER I did my spiritual journey, well begining of it because it never ends. I am so glad to read all of these things you are experiencing. It's wonderful!!!

Lena said...

i was wondering if i should read the book but now after your post i think i will :)
Have a great weekend!

Arv said...

I got a similar feeling to that when I watched a Jeffery Archer talk.


have a nice day mate... cheers...

gary rith said...

oh HO! Thanks for the tip

Hemanth Potluri said...

thnks Jessica...should check out the book soon...


Lipstick Jungle said...

I am home this afternoon and just caught a commercial for Oprah who is having Elizabeth Gilbert on her show on Monday. It could be a rerun, but you popped into mind when I saw it!

Jessica said...

Yeah, it was kind of like that for me too! I picked up the book and within the first few pages I was crying, and wondering why I hadn’t picked it up sooner. :)

It’s a really good book…you will
enjoy it! I hope you had a great weekend. :)

Relating to a book, loving an author’s style, and then hearing them speak….to me is so much better than watching a movie, or tv celebrity on a talk show. It just seems different. :)

No prob! :)

K, hope you are doing well. :)

Thanks so much! :) 20 min, and I will be watching.