Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stop Puppy Mills

One of the things I'm passionate about is caring for dogs in need. Helping to stop puppy mills falls into this category. I was ecstatic to find out about the huge raid the Humane Society made at the end of June. Below is information about Puppy Mills from here.

Life Behind Bars

The life of a puppy mill dog who is used for "breeding stock" is particularly shocking and sad. These dogs receive little or no veterinary care and never see a bed, a treat or a toy. Breeding animals are commonly killed after their fertility wanes, or they're abandoned or sold to another mill. The annual result of all this breeding is an estimated two to four million puppies, many with behavior and/or health problems.

There are thousands of stories to be told from those who have suffered because of puppy mills. The HSUS has compiled both heartbreaking and hopeful stories from dog owners whose dogs either suffered at puppy mills or were born at one.

Cruel and deplorable places puppy mills continue to thrive because they prey on unwitting consumers who are smitten by too-cute-for-words puppies in pet store windows and on fancy websites.

Behind the friendly facade of the local pet shop, the pastoral scenes on a website, or the neighborhood newspaper ad, there often lies a puppy mill.

What You Can Do

The number one way consumers can help shut down puppy mills is to avoid purchasing dogs from pet stores, and adopt from a local shelter or rescue group instead.

Watch this is pretty touching. These dogs need all the help they can get, especially because thy can't speak for themselves, and all they want is love.

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Jay said...

Puppy mills are a real problem in my area of the country. Seems like every couple of months there is a story on the news about one being raided. It's a never ending battle to keep them closed down too.

Arv said...

Its even worse out here... I wish humans were not at the top of the food chain and someone was there to keep us in check, LOL...

Have a nice day mate...

bob_vinyl said...

I can't understand why anyone would buy a dog anyway. There are a lot of sweet dogs of all kinds at the local shelter for free and they need homes. I agree that the number one way we can stop puppy mills is to simply take the market away.

Arv - I know what you mean about wishing we weren't the top of the food chain. Overall, we're very poor stewards of God's creation.

ShannonW said...

I am here visiting from "That's My Answer"

Great topic to make a post on!

Anonymous Mom said...

It's heart breaking. I agree with Bob...(what a shocker - jk, Bob) Its a trend around here to have "designer dogs" so people have the new breeds: Puggles. Labradoodle, Beagapoo. The list goes on and on. Most are mixed with Poodles because Poodles don't shed.

I have dogs because I LOVE them and want they give more to me than I could ever give back. What happened to the day when people got a dog as a pet, a part of the family???? Now it's like a status symbol or an accessory to their "perfect family unit".

I know I am generalizing but its horrifying to think about all these poor puppies. People spend up to $1,000 or more for a dog....that's just ludicrous to me.

A New Yorker said...

I have often said to people I know the same thing, do not buy from the puppy stores and I always get the same stupid response, why not, I don't see the problem. UGH! I am going to send them here next time I get one of those dumb-butt responses!!!!

Hemanth Potluri said...

wahhhh :'( i am really sad for all those puppies ..this is very bad news.....thnks a lot Jessica..i came to know a very good news abt puppies being ill treated ...


Reflections Magazine editor said...

Great post...awareness is what we need. Many people have no clue of what is "really" happening with these dogs. Those of us who love our pets and consider them part of the family sympathize with such causes; unfortunately we live in a world where "some" devalue just imagine what they think and feel for these furry creatures. Continue getting the message out. Activism does have an effect.

j said...

This is why we have a shelter dog. I think the fearless blog is right -- if people really knew what happened at puppy mills, they would be horrified. That's the first step towards change.

There are so many animals without homes out there already. The idea of creating more, and creating them in misery, is totally wrong.

(Tried to post this before, but must never have hit 'publish' )

Jessica said...

It’s sad. It IS never ending, and it bothers me so much that people would treat helpless beings that way.

Yeah, I guess “we” are supposed to keep ourselves in check…not an easy feat.

I agree…rescue dogs are definitely the way to go. I wish more people felt that way.

Welcome back…nice to see you! :)

I KNOW….it’s so true. I find that normally the people that have to have the designer dogs…treat them more as property rather than family members. To me, that is so sad.

Definitely… maybe if more people knew the truth about puppy mills, they wouldn’t buy from places that use them. I sure hope so.

It is such a sad problem.

Your point is great…thinking about the way people devalue human life. It’s helpful to remember that point when thinking about dog fighting, too. I have often wondered how people can treat animals in such inhumane ways.

Welcome Jennifer!
I agree… most would be horrified about what goes on, but I think people need to see the evidence right in front of them before they make a change.
Thanks for stopping by…come back anytime! :)

Mike said...

Abusing animals, especially dogs, gets me hopping mad.

I find animal abuse WORSE than human abuse just because of the innocence factor.

If I ever ran across someone who actually ran a puppy mill, i'd be in jail and he'd be dead.

Jessica said...

Thanks for your comments, and I totally agree with you!