Sunday, June 8, 2008


So, the other night I saw a couple of bumper stickers that I had never seen before. They were both on the same guy's truck. Both disturbed the crap out of me...that being said, I'm all for free speech; if we lose that we've got nothing.

One of them said Mel Gibson for President, and one said My Boss is a Jewish Terrorist.

Scary. In my opinion, this guy obviously has a lot of hate.

I'm not the type of girl that likes to pick fights, but if I met him on the side of the road...I would have a few choice words, for sure.

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Anonymous Mom said...

These bumper stickers are positively vile! Who on earth would drive around with that @%#$ on their car??? Unreal. I'm all for freedom of speech too but some people seem to be free of brains.

UGH! What a bigoted idiotic @hole!

MYM said...

Wow. That's shocking actually. I'm pretty sure that would fall under our 'hate crimes' laws here in Canada. From what I understand you can't print stuff that insights or inflames hatred toward a group. I may not have the accurate wording there, but pretty sure you couldn't get away with it here.

That's not really free speech in my opinion.

Arv said...

I dont think they can be discounted off as 'freedom of speech' when someone call a person those words.

If one has an opinion, they can voice it when it is needed; they dont have to flaunt it around rudely...

well, cant change some people mate.

You have a great day and dont worry about them. :)

A New Yorker said...

Jessica, it is freedom of speech. You are correct. Anyone can say anything offensive. What would be more offensive is to NOT respond to it with dignity and pride. I was always taught that your right to hit me ends at the tip of my nose. It's time to put people like this man together with the Jeramiah Wrights and KKK and let them know they will no longer have the defining influence over any of us!

Jessica said...

My thoughts exactly! :)

Yeah, I'm really thinking it's hate speech, but I do think there's a fine line about when the government should get involved. I would guess though, that this guys hatred goes much deeper than his bumper stickers.

That is a good is hard to remember that we can't change people, especially when they do something so disturbing.

I like that saying "your right to hit me ends at the tip of my nose."

It's hard to believe that there are people that actually follow leaders that spout so much hatred. I think it has to doing with needing to feel a sense of belonging to something.

Malcolm said...

Having hateful, inciteful bumper stickers like those is just asking for trouble. The driver of that truck sounds so Anti-Semitic that they probably would refuse to drink beer out of a stein. Damn fool!

Jessica said...

lol...I bet you are right! That guy has to be a nut case.