Friday, June 13, 2008

Do You Believe in Aliens?

I do. In my opinion, it would be arrogant to think that we are the only ones in the universe. That being said, I'm a little worried about when, or if we run into each other. We, on this planet, can't even get along...what's going to happen when we throw alien life forms into the mix?

Here is an except from an article I read today about a new telescope that is supposed to assist in finding aliens.

Perhaps ET is just a solar system away, and perhaps all we need is one more telescope to find him.

That's the hope, at least, of some scientists who say a new radio observatory being built in Europe may hold a chance of finding alien life beyond our planet.

The Low Frequency Array, or LOFAR, is a network of up to 25,000 small antennae being built in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France and the United Kingdom.

The distributed radio arrays will collectively scan the universe in the low radio frequency of light when they are completed in 2009.

Update-I thought this was funny! Below is part of my horoscope for today.

Are you meeting up with aliens -- of the interstellar variety, that is -- from the only planet populated by higher life forms who don't speak your language? No. You're not getting your point across (no matter how hard you try) because you're too distracted to concentrate on communication. Try writing out your first draft.


MYM said...

Ya never know. :)

Arv said...

hmmm... I believe in ghosts and aliens... Who knows, it may be the first time all humans unite if the aliens pretend to do something threatening to human life form. LOL...

For now, its just fun to read all the so called conspiracy theories... :)

Have a great day mate... Cheers...

A New Yorker said...

TOO LATE, they are already here living in Jackson Heights, NY! HAHA!

Gina said...

That should be interesting....

That's my take too,re other life forms in the universe.

It's just tooooooooooo big for us to be the only inhabitants.

Dazd said...

I believe in ghosts and aliens. How else can we have developed from caveman to todays people?

But then again, the aliens must be seriously debating the human evolution with the likes of Darwin Award winners and the likes. :)

Dawn Drover said...

I believe in ghosts, aliens and alternate realities... but that's just me :p

Chris O. said...

I firmly believe in aliens, and what I find so exciting about this new telescope technology is the potential for the development of new technology. If we can verify a very probable point of intelligent life somewhere in the universe, I believe that we are going to want to know more, and we may regain a renewed interest in space development and exploration. I mean, think about it; all of a sudden we have the knowledge that there is intelligent alien life out there, but that is all we know. There is no question that we’re going to want to know more. In fact, I don’t think we will stop until we set foot on that world (invariably spreading our human diseases, and destroying that life, but hey, that’s what we do). Anyway, I think we could develop some great new technologies that could bring interesting new changes into our daily lives, and I would personally love to see us back exploring space. Besides, I think it is more fitting for us to be the evil alien invaders. Someone’s gotta do it, right?

Kellan said...

I believe in aliens and I love alien movies.

I'm Kellan, btw - nice to meet you. See you soon.

Hemanth Potluri said...

i believe them a the movies...just kiddin..i have a gut feelin we r not alone in this world..

Jessica said...

Hey Drowsey,
You're right! :)

I would hope so! I love looking into all the theories too! :)

LOL...I may have seen some around here the other day.

Hi Gina,
Nice to see you here. :) Yep, in my opinion it's silly to think we are the only ones, but who knows if we will ever cross paths.

Ha-Good points! :D

It's not just u...I'm with ya on all of that! :)

We do need more space exploration! :) I would hope that "we" can all get along though. lol

Hi Kallan,
Nice to see you!! Thanks..come back anytime! I love alien movies too. :)

Nah, if I had to bet on it I would definitely say we are not alone! :)

Malcolm said...

Good point about people on Earth not being able to get along. It reminds me of the episodes of "The Twilight Zone" that dealt with alien life forms. Those were some of the best episodes of the series.

Jessica said...

Hey Malcolm! :)
ooh, yeah you are so right. It's going to happen sooner or later, I just hope we can all be civil.

Lipstick Jungle said...

Well if I can believe that my 5 year old was reincarnated, I have to believe that there is other life out there right??

Thanks for stopping by - I lost the post you responded to therefore lost the link to you!

Jessica said...

Hi Lori,
Thanks for the's good to see you! :)
And, yes, definitely, I can see how the two go hand in hand. lol