Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wine & Cake= Nemesis...Who Would've Thought it?

So, you would think that a huge glass of wine, and a piece of super chocolaty cake would be the recipe for happiness, right?'s typical that for me it would have the opposite effect.

Sadness, and a restless night filled with disturbing dreams followed. AND unfortunately...the effects continued into today. Yuck!

Feeling better now though...thankfully. :)


Anonymous Mom said...

ewww...bummer. Glad to hear you are feeling better now!

A New Yorker said...

Actually this makes total sense. These are carbs and yeasty foods once digested. Yeast is KNOWN for causing not only yeast infections but emotional conditions that are often dx'd as depression. Gary Null I believe talks and writes about this as well as Dr. Crook, Yeast Connection and Womens Health. If you killed the yeast in your body through a cleanse and you cut those foods out at the same time you would see a dramatic difference in how you feel.

Jessica said...

Thanks. :)

ooh, thanks, I'll have to read more about it! I don't think I could cut everything out all together. But I do usually try to avoid doing or eating anything in excess.

You should have seen the size of that cake...and it was baked fresh that day. I just couldn't turn it down. lol