Friday, May 2, 2008

Just a Taste of What is in My Head Today

1. How come... I'm the only person who stops at cross walks, and waits for the little man to appear before I cross?

2. Today would be a nice day to smoke a cigarette.

3. Why does soda taste better from a can, but beer from a can taste repulsive?

4. Why do some people have a better sixth sense then others?


Anonymous said...

1. Because you Mama taught you well.
2. It's never a good day for a ciggy.
3. Both taste best in a glass.
4. People who appear to have a better 6th sence are just luckier at guessing.
Love, Mama

Anonymous Mom said...

I love your blog!

1. You aren't, there are two of us.

2. I agree (are you an ex smoker too?)

3. Wow, I don't know but you're right.

4. I don't know but I have a super strong one and sometimes it scares me. I've had visions and stuff. It sounds interesting but it can be disturbing.

A New Yorker said...

1. cause you don't live in NYC -HEEHEE
2. TSK TSK sucks in any casing
4. we all have this, it's what we choose to listen to or not


Jessica said...

LOL...thanks for your comments! I agree with your 1, 4, and 2. :)

Thanks! Yep, I'm an ex smoker...I quit cold turkey about 4.5 years ago. How long for you?

I hated the taste of beer for the longest time, but then all of a sudden I didn't mind it. Kinda strange. :)

Anonymous Mom said...

Jessica - your review is up, great job makes me wish I was there!

I quit smoking in March of 1990 when I found out I was preg!!! About 7 years I started allowing myself one Sherman a day so I guess I am still a smoker, although I don't consider myself one!

Good for you for quitting - I tried for years and never could until I had to for my baby (who, btw, does NOT smoke or I'd kick his butt)

Malcolm said...

1. I don't do a lot of walking anymore where there are crosswalks. When I did, I usu. did stop... unless there was no traffic.

2. I briefly tried smoking as a teen. After that, I would occas. take a hit from a lady friend's cigarette if I was at a bar/party. Other than that, no smoking for me.

3. Although I don't think it tastes repulsive from a can, I prefer drinking beer from a bottle. I guess I like the feel of it in my hands.

4. Because they are friends with Dionne Warwick.

Jessica said...

Wow...that's great that you're able to do only one a day. I couldn't do that. Not enough will power.

For beer...I like bottles too, or a glass. Just not a can. :) Gross.

Alicia said...

1. Because you are chicken. Ha ha.

2. Yeah. I feel ya.

3. Canned beer = cheap beer. But idk cause I like my soda from a bottle. Shrug*

4. It's just like any other gift or tallent. You are either born with it or you practice and get better.

Jessica said...

:) lol on number one. I agree with number four too!