Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Thought

Ok, so... today, as I was flipping through my 900 cable channels I thought about how cable was 10 or 15 years ago. Not nearly as many channels, right? Then I started to think about people's mindset back then. I think most couldn't have imagined so many channels, or even a need for them. It is amazing what they've come up with. Most are, in one way or another, just a version of the same thing. But, I do think there are channels that can be addicting. I don't know what some people would do with out their fix of food network, home and garden, animal planet, discovery, or even the weather channel. (oh, and I know I didn't capitalize any of the network names! lol) Guys, whether we like it or not there is no going back to the days of being satisfied by 25 channels.


Alicia said...

We got rid of our TV in September and life is sweet. We still watch movies on the computer and it is way better than watching all those commercials. I still watch it over at my mom's sometimes. She has satellite and all of the channels that go with it. It sure is different than when I was living there as a kid. We had 3 channels back then!

bob_vinyl said...

I'm not that much older than you (I'm 37), but I remember having three VHF channels with the three major networks (before Fox) and we also had two UHF channels that had odd-ball stuff. I also remember that, before Cartoon Network and all that, Saturday morning was cartoon time. The rest of the week, there were a few on after school, but Saturday morning had hors and hours of them. I lived for that stuff. Now kids can have cartoons whenever they want. They're on 24 hours a day. I wonder if cartoons aren't as special for them since they don't have to wait for a special day.

Jessica said...

I commend you for doing that. I don't watch tv that much, but I don't think I could get rid of mine. I'm kinda attached. :)

Hey Bob,
Yeah, you are so right! I used to love waking up Saturday morning for cartoons! :) It was so much fun. I remember waiting all week for them. They probably do loose a bit of their luster being on 24/7.

Robert said...

I hear you jessica i loved saturday morning cartoons as a kid too!!! No tv would be a real challenge need sports and forensic files and some documentaries fun post jessica :)

Malcolm said...

I think that the 100-plus channel universe in which we live is a case of diminishing returns. You have channels that were once devoted to playing music videos now handing over 90% of their programming to reality shows feat. faded stars of the 70s and 80s. There are also tons of TV shows from yesteryear sitting in the vaults while we get bombarded with reruns of series that are still in primetime (My Name Is Earl, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Cold Case, etc.). If it wasn't for channels like TCM, TV Land, ESPN, and some others, I would consider getting rid of cable all together.

Jessica said...

I know, I too have channels I can't live with out! :)

I totally agree with you on everything. One of the biggest things that erks me is the reruns of shows that are still on the air. Most aren't even that good to begin with! ugh!