Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rant Brought Upon By Being Exsposed to Way Too Many Furniture Stores

Why do sales people have to jump on patrons the minute they walk into a store? And then lurk behind the whole time you're shopping, and this is after you've told them, pleasantly, that you did not need help? That sucks; come on guys...I'm more likely to buy something if you leave me alone!

And what's with all the furniture looking the same? I don't really feel like being a clone of everyone else. What happened to individuality and creativity. Why do people accept this?

Humph, I guess you can tell what kind of mood I'm in tonight. lol


Anonymous Mom said...

LOL! I totally know what you mean about salespeople! How can we shop with them lurking around. I like the kind that say "let me know if I can help you" then leave me alone.

Jessica said...

Me too! I've started to feel sorry for them. I really would not want to have their job. Especially knowing that most people get annoyed with the whole thing.